TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY – Losing weight while eating MORE than ever!

michelle before and after

In just 28 days on the Niki G’s Nutrition Plan and Boot Camp workouts Michelle lost 10lbs, 2.5 inches in her hips and 1.5 in waist, and improved her energy while EATING MORE THAN EVER!!

michelle before and after

‘I am blown away by my results! I wanted to lose 10 pounds but I cannot believe what I have lost and what I have gained!
I turned 40 in August and in November my “big girl pants” were getting tight! I knew it was time to make changes but I wasn’t sure how. I really wasn’t eating much so I was frustrated! And to top it off I had no energy! I was starting to believe this was how 40 felt! Then I discovered the 28 day challenge!
Life changing! I am eating more than I have ever eaten and losing weight! What?
I gave up my 1 coke a day and 4 cups of coffee because I don’t need them. I only have 1 cup of coffee now because I like it not because I need caffeine! My energy level is unbelievable!
The meals have been so good! My favorite dinner was the shrimp. Breakfast oatmeal pancake lunch turkey and black beans and my favorite snack was ricotta cheese and strawberries!
I cannot say enough about bootcamp! The pictures say it all. In the month I attended it has done more for my body than a year at my other classes! And the community is not something I even expected!
I was even able to go on vacation and make smart choices and not gain any weight! An easy lifestyle change! My husband has even lost weight because of the house having smarter choices an the pantry!
Looking forward to next month!
Thanks Niki!”

Way to go Michelle! YOU are an inspiration!!



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