Transformation Tuesday – Eating Cleaner Really Makes a Difference!


As one of our New Year’s Challengers, Casey found that eating clean can really make a difference! She really tightened up in 4 short weeks of Boot Camp (both classes and at-home workouts) and Niki G’s Online Nutrition Coaching and even lost some body fat!

Before weight – 119 After weight – 114
Before waist – 28 After waist – 27.5
Before hips – 36 After hips – 35

“When I started attending bootcamp in June 2013, I got weighed and measured at the new member orientation. I weighed 120.6, waist 28.5, hips 37. I love bootcamp and have attended regularly since then. I was toning up and getting stronger and faster and I was eating moderately healthy. But I hadn’t really measured the change. I wasn’t really looking to lose weight, just be active and look better. When I signed up for the challenge, my goal was to up my healthy eating game. And the results took me completely by surprise! I lost the same amount in my waist and hips in the 4 weeks that I had in 7 months of just focusing on the exercise piece. And I lost weight I didn’t even know I had to lose! I’m so excited to have better ideas for healthy eating, knowing I can drink more water successfully, and have good snacks to fill me up and keep me going. My energy level is awesome and overall I feel great!”

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