Take Advantage of Momentum to Reach Your Fitness Goals

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Let’s put that body IN MOTION and keep it in motion! Find your motivation, your goal(s) and your “why”(go ahead and write them down!) and then let’s keep some momentum going!

Sometimes is not getting started that’s so difficult, it’s keeping the momentum going long enough to see results.  Here are some tips to get you started AND avoid the start/stop cycle over and over again…

  • Discover your “WHY.” It’s not enough to have a goal, it’s the why (your purpose for reaching that goal) that keeps you moving forward
  • Stay in the HABIT. Never go two days without working out OR if you take weekends off from exercise, do other activities that keep you focused on your goals like grocery shopping and meal planning or a long relaxing walk with friends and family.
  • No Excuses! If you find yourself making excuses for skipping your workouts or not eating healthy, go back to your “why”
  • Buddy up and stay accountable! At Niki G’s you have as much or little support as you want. Stay in contact with your trainer, make friends at class, or even announce your goals and intentions through social media. If you are not a part of a fitness program, find  friends with similar goals to help keep each other accountable.
  • Filter out the negative thoughts. You ARE making progress just by showing up. Remember two steps forward and one step back is still forward progress and much further along if you didn’t take those steps at all or if you quit!

What are some of your “why’s” and where do you get your momentum from? Leave your comments below!

By Niki Gauthier

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