Spring Challenge Week Two

Week Two Day 2

Welcome to Week Two of Niki G’s Spring Challenge!If you missed any of week one, don’t let it hold you back! Just pick back up with this week and keep moving forward!

If you are not enrolled into the challenge, join now for all the updates.

Below are your daily workouts for the week. They are all a simplified, at-home version of my boot camp workouts we give at Niki G’s Boot Camp! Don’t forget to choose one rest day and follow your Niki G Nutrition Plan for best results!

Week Two, Day One- Full Body

Week Two Day 1

Day Two- Glutes

Week Two Day 2

Day Three- Upper

Week Two Day 3

Day Four- Lower

Week 2 Day 4

Day Five- Upper

Week 2 Day 5

Day Six- Body-weight

Week 2 Day 6



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