Shoulders and Core Boot Camp Circuit

Create shapely shoulders, tighten your core and burn fat in this Shoulders and Core Boot Camp workout!


Light activity with dynamic stretching (jumping jacks, mini-squats, arm circles etc)

Boot Camp Circuit

  1. Burpee with a Shoulder Press. x20 Place weights on floor in front of you. Place hands on floor and jump back with two feet into plank position. Jump with two feet back up to your hands and begin to stand up. Pick up weights on way up and press overhead once standing. Place weight back down in front of you and repeat
  2. Single arm Shoulder Press 20x each arm. Hold weights at ear-level, palms facing forward. Press one weight overhead x20. Repeat w/other arm
  3. Plank on Elbows and Toes 30-60 seconds. Get down on your elbows and toes. Hold body straight and as stiff as “plank” without allowing hips to sag towards ground or become lifted too high.
  4. Bicycles x60 Fast side to side crunches pressing shoulder/elbow to opposite knee. Legs make “bicycle,” motion.
  5. Sit-up (or crunch) x30
  6. Jumping Jack with/ light weights x30 Arms extended to side, lift elbows out to side to just to shoulder level (like lateral raise) each jump
  7. Front Shoulder Raise x20 hold two dumbbells or one heavier dumbbell in front of you, keep arms straight, palms facing.  and lift weights up until level with your face.

Rest Repeat 2x’s

Extra Challenge:

Run or cardio equipment for 15-30 minutes

 Cool Down with some stretching



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