Quads, Chest and Triceps Boot Camp Circuit


Light activity with dynamic stretching (jumping jacks, mini-squats, arm circles etc)

Boot Camp Circuit

  1. Narrow Squat Jump (feet together) x25 Stand with your feet together and squat back w/o allowing your knees to pass your toes, jump up as high as you can and land with your feet together, knees soft. Repeat. Use the back of a chair for stability if necessary and remember not to hunch over!
  2. Pushups x20 Keep chest over your thumbs to use your chest muscles! Go down to your knees if you cannot complete all reps on your toes. Remember to keep your body in straight line, even when on your knees.
  3. Alternating Backwards Lunge x20 each leg w/dumbbells. Hold 2 dumbbells at your side. Lunge backwards with your right foot and land on your toes with your heel raised. Lunge down and immediately lift yourself up and step forward to the starting position.  Repeat with your left leg and continue switching until you have completed 20 on each leg (this exercise should get your heart rate up if done rapidly- cardio bonus!)
  4. Triceps Incline Plank  30 seconds. Sit on floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Sit up straight and place your hands on the ground directly below your holders. Fingers pointed towards the front. Lift your hips off the ground until you body forms a straight line. Balance on your heels and hands for 30 seconds.
  5. Chest Fly w/dumbbells x20 Lie on your back (knees bent or lifted above waist) with a set of dumbbells press directly above your chest (not face) Leading with your elbows (which are only slightly bent) Lower the weights out wide to the sides of your chest (not face or waist!) Press the weights back up to the starting position while keeping your elbows slight bent.
  6. Cardio/Core Plank Jumps 60 seconds. Get into the plank position with your feet together. Keeping your hips as stable (less bounce the better!) as possible, jump both feet out wide and rapidly jump your feet back to the starting position.
  7. Triceps Bench (or chair) Dips x20. Sit on a bench or sturdy chair. Place your hands on the front edge with your fingers hanging off the front. Walk your feet out in front of you until you are no longer sitting on the chair. Keep your legs straight for more challenge. Kness bent for less. Bend your elbows (but be sure to keep them over your wrist, not too far in front or behind) and lower you body until your elbows are bent no lower  90 degrees. Press yourself back straight up and repeat while keep constant tension in your triceps.

Repeat x2

 Extra Challenge

15-30 minutes of running outside or cardio machine

 Cool Down

w/light stretching





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