Grocery Store Tips for Fruits and Veggies

clean and dirty veggies and fruits

clean and dirty veggies and fruitsDid you know that eating clean does not mean that you have to  shop at a specialty grocery store? Sometimes it’s makes it easier and some items are actually LESS expensive at places like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, but good food can be found at just about any store, you just have to know what to look for.

You also don’t necessarily have to buy all all organic either! According to EWG’s Shopping Guide to Pesticides in Produce the “Dirty Dozen” are fruits and vegetables which have the most pesticide residues and are the most important to buy organic and the “Clean Fifteen” is a list of produce you should be just fine buying in the non-organic section of your grocery store.

Clean Fifteen





Sweet Corn









Sweet Peas

Sweet Potatoes

Buy Conventional

Dirty Dozen



Cherry Tomatoes



Hot Peppers






Sweet Bell Peppers

Kale/Collard Greens

Summer Squash

Buy Organic

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Turkey & Cauliflower Scramble

Clean Eating Breakfast Scramble

Clean Eating Breakfast ScrambleGet a good dose of veggies and fuel up with this high protein breakfast!


  • 3/4 Cup Chopped Cauliflower
  • 1 handful of fresh spinach
  • 3 Egg Whites- beaten
  • 3 oz ground cooked Turkey Breast
  • 1 tbsp shredded Parmesan cheese


Cook up ground turkey in skillet and set aside.

Spray skillet with cooking spray or a 1 tsp of coconut oil and cook cauliflower and spinach over medium heat until spinach is dark green.  Add Egg whites and cheese and gently “scrambled” until almost cooked. Add cooked turkey and continue scrambling until eggs are done.


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TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY – Losing weight while eating MORE than ever!

michelle before and after

In just 28 days on the Niki G’s Nutrition Plan and Boot Camp workouts Michelle lost 10lbs, 2.5 inches in her hips and 1.5 in waist, and improved her energy while EATING MORE THAN EVER!!

michelle before and after

‘I am blown away by my results! I wanted to lose 10 pounds but I cannot believe what I have lost and what I have gained!
I turned 40 in August and in November my “big girl pants” were getting tight! I knew it was time to make changes but I wasn’t sure how. I really wasn’t eating much so I was frustrated! And to top it off I had no energy! I was starting to believe this was how 40 felt! Then I discovered the 28 day challenge!
Life changing! I am eating more than I have ever eaten and losing weight! What?
I gave up my 1 coke a day and 4 cups of coffee because I don’t need them. I only have 1 cup of coffee now because I like it not because I need caffeine! My energy level is unbelievable!
The meals have been so good! My favorite dinner was the shrimp. Breakfast oatmeal pancake lunch turkey and black beans and my favorite snack was ricotta cheese and strawberries!
I cannot say enough about bootcamp! The pictures say it all. In the month I attended it has done more for my body than a year at my other classes! And the community is not something I even expected!
I was even able to go on vacation and make smart choices and not gain any weight! An easy lifestyle change! My husband has even lost weight because of the house having smarter choices an the pantry!
Looking forward to next month!
Thanks Niki!”

Way to go Michelle! YOU are an inspiration!!

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Motivation Monday – March Fitness Challenge


squatsYour March Challenge is to complete 100 SQUATS A DAY until April 1st!

When the weight of the world is on your shoulders… DO SQUATS! Squats will keep your leg looking HOT and feeling STRONG this Spring!!

Take pics and post on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. Hashtag @nikigs100

The best, most original post (think squats in fun places) will receive 1 month FREE boot camp! We’ll also be giving out random prizes so squat away and be sure to post to share with our community and for accountability!

#nikigs100 #nikigspringbreak #nikigsbootcamp #squatchallenge

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Calories (Energy) Needs

Use the Calorie Calculator below to get your estimate on how many calories your body uses each day. To lose body fat, you will need to subtract 500 calories from your total and then average that amount of calories daily throughout the week. However, you should NEVER go below 1200 calories and cutting more than 500 could cause more damage than good!
Be sure to get an updated count when your activity level or weight has changed.
Don’t forget choose “no” for metric!

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How to Have Your Cake and Be Fit Too

have your cake and be fit tooHaving your cake and being fit too is all about finding that BALANCE! It’s not obsessing about your next meal or spending hours in the gym. It’s enjoying a healthy, fit lifestyle without feeling deprived or making big sacrifices. It’s planning ahead, making great choices depending on your goals and not feeling bad for having your “cake” once in awhile.

If you are “dieting” to lose weight, you may be wondering when you may be able to eat “normal” foods again. Well, that depends on your definition of normal. If normal is being able to eat all those  prepackaged, processed foods that may taste good, but are not real food, and basically eat whatever you want…. that’s not normal. Eating fast, processed foods may be popular in mainstream America but it’s not supposed to be our normal, natural, everyday diet. In fact, those types of “fake” foods will ruin your health! So, your best option is to adopt a lifestyle of clean eating most of the time and regular exercise.

Overall, you should aim to eat as healthy as possible to maintain good health and higher energy levels. But those who become lean and stay lean understand the “balance” and know that they can enjoy their favorite foods once a while without setting themselves back.

Below are my tips for finding that BALANCE between eating clean and living life to its fullest.

1. Work Hard, Play Hard

Want to keep your metabolism high and bodyfat percentage low? Want to burn calories instead of storing them? Then you need to exercise! The two major components are Resistance Training and Aerobic Exercise/Cardio.  Don’t forget to stretch! Stretching helps maintain flexibility, reduce injury and balance out the more intense exercise.  To get the biggest bang for your buck, focus on HIIT-style workouts (High-Intensity Interval Training).  My boot camp programs are a perfect example of this style of training. If you do it right, you can earn some shapely muscle, what most refer to as toning up, AND get a metabolic boost to burn fat!

2. Never say “I Can’t Eat That”

You can eat anything you want. But you choose to eat the most natural form of your foods and correct portion sizes because you want to feel good on the inside and look great on the outside!

Plan and prep your meals in advance to keep you stocked up with healthy options. Then plan a “treat meal” each week, have that piece of cake you’re craving without guilt!

3. Spice it Up

Change up your exercise regularly to avoid getting stuck in a rut. In my boot camp programs, we know how important it is to mix things up and keep the body guessing for the best results. That’s why we focus on finding a way to really challenge our members and change it up regularly. This could mean using more weight, changing rep schemes, using different formats or even just a simple change in scenery. You should enjoy your exercise time. Find activities that keep you interested.

4. Learn It. Love It. Live It.

Don’t obsess about your fitness program, diet or your body.  Strive for a healthy balance of nutritious, clean eating, regular exercise and even look to embrace any flaws you may have. Learn to love this lifestyle and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be fit, healthy and confident.

As busy women, we could all use a little more balance in our lives. Taking time for you can often create feelings of guilt. This is a common excuse I hear from many women, especially from other moms or caregivers, for not exercising consistently or taking the proper time to plan, shop for healthy foods and prepare nutritious meals for yourself and your family. Taking care of yourself IS important, especially when you have others to care for.  If you’re not feeling energetic and well, how can you possibly help those close to you? Be sure to make exercise and eating healthy a PRIORITY for better balance, more energy and better moods.

In conclusion, know that managing your weight can be just as challenging as losing weight. But, with consistency, creativity and commitment, maintaining a healthy weight and improving your fitness level can be a piece of cake!


Niki Gauthier

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Emily – Clean Eating plus Exercise Works!!

emily challenge

**Update on Emily!** Read her original story here>
Emily adds Niki G’s Nutrition Plan to her boot camp workouts and loses another 10lbs and more inches and gains a new, healthier way of eating!!

“What can I say…I am blown away! I never thought that when I bought a groupon for Niki G’s last May that I would gain the amazing friends and community and that my body would change in the way that it has. Seriously, I look forward to going to boot camp every morning! I can tell I am so much stronger and I run faster (while running less then I used to each week!).

Then a little over a month ago I went with some friends to the New Years Challenge kick-off to see what this clean eating plan was about. I really didn’t know that I would LOVE the food so much and that my body would be transformed!

I have had very little problems with this 28 day challenge. I cut out ALL diet drinks(my goal was to have less each day), which means I no longer go to Sonic up to two times a day! I drink my gallon of water every day. I normally snack on gummy candies all the time and I haven’t had any of those this month. I loved having a plan each week and knowing what I was going to eat from day to day. The food is simple but so good and I was satisfied with most meals. And if I needed something else then I had a snack to eat! I signed up for the February Bikini Bootcamp as soon as it was available because I want more meal ideas!

What is amazing is that I have lost more weight in one time frame and I didn’t really expect to lose any weight at all! It’s always been incredibly hard for me to lose weight. Each week I was so surprised to see the scale a little lower. I feel incredibly strong and love that I can see my body get even stronger! Someone recently said to me, “…if you lose much more weight – you would disappear!”. It’s fun that other people are noticing as well.

Also, my face is clearing up. I have acne a couple of times a month- didn’t expect that either.

I drink less caffeine. I still have an occasional cup of black coffee but I have gone three days without realizing that I didn’t have any.

NIki – thank you. Thank you for challenging me to try changing just a few more things and helping me realize that those few crutches were actually the things that have been holding me back. I love eating cleaner!”

Become a member of Niki G’s Fitness today!

Nutrition Plan included!
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Food Prep Sunday- The Ultimate Lunch Boxes for Women!

the pac

If you participate in Niki G’s Food Prep Sunday, you know how much work can go into getting all your food ready for the week. But your meal prep can also be a source of  pride  and satisfaction once it’s complete and all your healthy meals are ready for the week! So, the last thing you want to do it tote it around a boring bag, worry about leaks or worry about your food going bad!

Also, many of us are moms too and know the importance of keeping snacks on hand at all times on the go and need a functional bag that can serve many purposes.

Good thing Fitmark Bags makes 3 sizes of meal managements bags to fit your meal management needs. These stylish and lightweight bags are designed for our lifestyle and will help keep your food fresh longer. They all come in pink (a Niki G favorite!) but they also come in black and red. I first started carrying a FitMark bag over a year ago and I am extremely impressed by the quality and how they have  really taken gym bags and “lunchboxes” for fitness girls (and guys) to a whole new level!

Meet The Pac, The Box and the Box LG from Fitmark

The Pac (pictured below) is the smallest of the 3 for those of us that work from home and just need a little something to carry a few snacks or a meal and it sells for $24.99. This one is my youngest daughter’s favorite for school!

Use promo code NikiG for 15% off!

The Fitmark Pac promo code
The Fitmark Pac


If you need more than one meal on the go and want a couple of seal-tight containers that fit neatly inside the bag, The Box is for you. It also comes with two FitMark ice packs and a shaker bottle with a vitamin and protein powder organizer. There is a side pocket and even luggage strap attachment. This is the size that I carry. The Box sells for $59.99

Use promo code NikiG for 15% off!

The Box LG (pictured below) is just like the Box, only a little larger and comes with 4 seal-tight containers rather than 2. The Box LG sells for $79.99

Use promo code NikiG for 15% off!

All bags are easy to keep clean by wiping with a damp cloth as necessary.

The colors, the size, the functionality and the quality all make these bags perfect for busy, healthy women on the go and help keep our lifestyle fun and stylish!

Check out all the Fitmark bags at and save 15% off any bag with promo code NikiG

By Niki Gauthier

An Affiliate of Fitmark Bags


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Thirsty Thursday – Niki G’s Valentine’s Day Protein Smoothie

protein smoothie

protein smoothie

An ice cold smoothie in the winter? Absolutely! Especially when it’s packed with protein and includes “chocolate” and strawberries! However, this recipe uses carob chips. Unlike chocolate, carob is naturally sweet, low in fat, high in fiber, has calcium, has no caffeine.

Rehydrate and get the goods your body needs with this Special Valentine’s Smoothie!

Niki G’s Valentine’s Day Protein Smoothie

8oz Coconut Water

1 Scoop Protein Power, BeautyWhey Hawt Chocolate1/4 Cup sliced strawberries

1 TBSP Carob Chips
1 tsp stevia

4-5 Ice Cubs

Blend well and enjoy!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Try this smoothie and let us know what you think! #nikigsproteinsmoothie

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Niki Gauthier

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