NO Excuses! Have the Right Attitude to be Successful in Your Fitness Goals!

No Excuses Niki G's Fitness Boot Camp Brentwood Nashville Franklin TN

No Excuses Niki G's Fitness Boot Camp Brentwood Nashville Franklin TNEver wonder why some women are able to get results from their exercise plan and some don’t? One of the most common traits I see in women who succeed and those who don’t is their ATTITUDE. Along with keeping a positive attitude, they adopt the NO EXCUSES mentally and have the attitude that nothing will get in their way of their goals!

If you find yourself making excuses for not exercising or eating healthy it’s usually because we have failed to plan ahead. Doing this puts us in a position of being the effect of our environment instead of a in charge of it, which definitely won’t help you reach your goals!!
So, here are some common and excuses and how to plan ahead to avoid them and remain in charge of your fitness….

1. Letting the weather affect your good intentions. Even though it’s “too cold” in the winter and “too hot” in the summber, getting outside in the fresh air at least once a day, especially while exercising is great for your body and your mood! If you are worried about getting sick, remember, sickness is caused by viruses and bacteria. Not the cold! Boost your immune system with exercise, quality foods, enough rest and vitamins to keep yourself healthy!

If you are exercising outside, plan ahead and get  the right gear and layer your clothing when it’s cold and protect wear appropriate clothing and gear for the heat! Lay out your clothes (of pack away for after work) the night before to make it easier to get up, get dressed and get out the door!
2. Oversleeping and missing your workout. Make exercise a priority and set THREE alarms if you exercise in the morning! Set out your clothes the night before and go to bed on time or early. NO Excuses!
3. Working late and skipping workout. Explain to your boss ahead of time that you have commitment that you cannot break; a commitment which actually improves your productivity! If it’s truly a work emergency reschedule your workout for another time.. But otherwise, you have to make time for yourself. If you are the boss, you may need to organize your day better and again….. prioritize! NO Excuses!
4. Eating unhealthy food on the go. This one is simple. PACK YOUR MEALS! This of course involves planning ahead and preparing your own healthy food. When you do cook, make “intentional leftovers.” Invest into a good cooler so you always have a healthy meal and snacks. NO Excuses.
Remember, starting your workout program was only the first step of your commitment to improving your fitness level! Your commitment to yourself will be tested almost daily….rain, cold, battles with your snooze button, bad days at work, etc. but you must stay committed and consistent with your exercise to see results!

How do you say NO to excuses? Comment Below….

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