Niki G’s Six Month Transformation

before and after

While it’s embarrassing for me to share my “before” pic, if I can inspire at least one other busy mom who is unhappy with how they look and feel (or really anyone!) to get serious about fitness, make better choices and make time for them selves, it will be worth it!

Earlier this year I may have been considered “healthy” and even “fit” based on my abilities (like running half marathons, etc) But, I was not happy here in my before picture. Even though I promoted fitness everyday and was passionate about helping others, I had gradually lost my passion for my OWN personal fitness and the goals. After confronting my unhappiness head-on, I made a personal goal, acted on it EVERYDAY through exercise and dietary changes and I found my drive towards my passion again.
So far, I lost over 25lbs, have more energy than ever and defeated the “funk” that was determined to continue bringing me down. The best part really is that the rewards go WAY beyond the physical appearance. I am so excited to be able to pursue my passion again everyday of challenging myself through fitness and continuing to pursue my goal of inspiring others.
If how you look and feel is keeping you from pursuing your own passions in life, it’s time to make some BIG changes. I would love to help you, so feel free to email me.
Also, if you’d like a little more inspiration, motivation, tips and updates from me, please “like” my fitness page: Niki G The best is yet to come! NEXT POST: My First Figure Competition>
By Niki Gauthier
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