My First Figure Competition



Well, I did it! With the help of my Coaches at Team Bombshell and the support of family, friends and clients I accomplished my goal of training for and competing in a Women’s Figure competition at the Music City Muscle!

I competed in the Novice Division where I was expecting to compete in a class of maybe 4-5 other other first time Figure competitors around my height. They usually will have a short, medium and tall class, but ALL Novice competitors ended up in one big class together where the competition was fierce (including Niki G Instructor Whitney Barnhill who placed 4th!)

This contest was a very important first step for me and I did not necessarily expect to place in a top position, especially started from the condition I was in this past spring.  I did not place this time,  but I gained so much more from this journey and found myself again! Check out my last post about the transformation and before/after pic here>

Overall this was a great experience! Since my husband was competing too, I spent a lot of time backstage just enjoying the atmosphere and taking it all in. My husband and I loved training together (lots of 5am cardio dates!), cooking together, preparing all our food together and supporting each other through this process. He competed in the Men’s Physique Division and placed 3rd in the Master Division. This has been quite a transformation over the last 6 months for both of us and I can’t wait to see what happens in another 6 months!

By Niki Gauthier

Resting at home between the morning and evening show
My husband Sam
Celebrating at the after party!
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