Mommies Matter Too- Lose the Mommy Guilt and Get Fit!

mom fitness boot camp  nashville tnFor many Moms, there is no greater feeling in the universe than finding purpose in being a Mom. We experience this every time we see our child’s sweet face asleep on a pillow, no matter how young or old they are.  Because of this feeling, we are driven to do everything we possibly can to help them succeed, sometimes to our own detriment.  Our emotional and physical needs become secondary to our children and, often times, everyone else.

But, this can be exhausting and unhealthy!  We then become stressed, depleted, and maybe even a little resentful.  Ironically this is not the person our family needs or wants. They benefit much more when we are happy and balanced, and this comes from recognizing our needs too. It is through us that our children learn healthy emotional and physical habits.

Living this way inadvertently teaches your child that complete self-sacrifice is the way to live. Do we really want them to learn to live like this? Taking time for you is vital. It’s not selfish or self-indulgent and there is always time for your needs too. You just have to MAKE it! Join an early morning class, get in an early morning or late evening run, steal an hour during lunch. There is no such thing as “no” time.

If you are finding it a challenge to break away from your normal routines and habits because of all your obligations, it’s time to put the Mommy Guilt aside. Focus on reorganizing parts of your life to fit some fitness into your life…… REGULARLY!

So this Mother’s Day, vow to celebrate yourself and recognize your worth.  Put yourself at the top of that priority list and take strides towards offering a more complete and happy person to your children. They deserve a healthier and happier you and you are worth it!

How has your healthier lifestyle influenced your children’s lives? Leave your comments below.

Vanessa Hampton, Niki G Boot Camp Instructor and Niki Gauthier



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