Lack of SLEEP Will Sabotage Your Efforts to Get Fit

Lack of sleep can make you overweight

Part Two of a Five-Part Series on 5 Ways you are Sabotaging Your Efforts to Get Fit

Yesterday, I wrote about how lack of planning can be a fitness downfall. Today, you will also see how important it can be in order to correct number two on my list of ways you may be sabotaging your efforts to get fit.

Lack of sleep can make you overweight

#2 Not Getting Enough Rest


I always say that a great day starts with a good night. Set out your clothes for your early morning workout, or pack your clothes if you exercise later in the day. Stock your cooler with healthy meals and snacks and have your schedule and to-do list ready. But most importantly, you must get to bed early enough to get plenty sleep! If you are not getting enough rest, you will not see the same kind of results you would from being well rested!  Besides, too little sleep plays havoc with fat cells.

Everyone needs a certain amount of sleep, so be sure that you getting what you need to perform optimally each day. You are much more likely to make better choices (like working out instead of channel surfing) when you are well rested, AND you will be less likely to eat junk for that quick pick-me-up.

. If you are having trouble getting to sleep on time or falling asleep, follow these rules

1. Plan ahead and set a “bedtime” based on the time you need to relax, sleep, and wake up on time.

2. Stay on task during the day to keep yourself on track  so you don’t end up with a bunch of late night tasks.

2. Keep a pleasant evening routine by not checking work email  and by turning off  the TV and other electronics. Do something more relaxing like reading, or taking a hot bath.  Make a little time for talking, being intimate or just spending time with your husband (or call a friend!) All of these will lead to a much better night’s rest than screen time right before bed.

3. Keep a to-do list by the bed. That way if you have trouble falling asleep or you keep waking up thinking about everything you have to do the next day, you can write it down and forget about it until the morning.

4. Exercise! You will always rest better after you have worked out that day!

Look for Part Three of Five tomorrow. Until then, I hope this tip and the other tips in this series will give you more confidence in moving forward towards your fitness goals! If you enjoyed this blog, I would be honored for you to hit one of the share/social media buttons to help inspire other women. Or, better yet, feel free to comment below!


Niki Gauthier

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