Killer Beach Butt Workout!


Want a quick and POWERFUL workout to burn tons of calories AND shape-up your backside? Whether you need a workout ON the beach, before you go or want to pretend you are going for a little extra motivation, this workout will make your bikini bottoms proud!

Try these moves below and repeat 2-4 times depending your fitness level. You don’t need any equipment, but a stopwatch would be helpful.

If you can, get through ALL these exercises first before resting and repeating. Sip water before during and after your workouts.

1. One leg lunge, RIGHT Side x15- Target the glutes by elevating your back leg on beach lounge or chair. Be sure your knee does not go past your toes as you lunge.

2. In/Out Squat jumps x20- With feet together, squat down and jump out to a wide squat, jump back into a narrow (feet together) squat. Move rapidly, but be sure to squat down with each jump.

3. One leg lunge, LEFT Leg x 15 (see #1)

4. Jump Lunges 20x’s- Lunge down, jump and switch legs and lunge down before jumping and switching again.

5. Deep Squats- hold one weight and stand with your feet wide apart, keeping your back flat squat down and touch the ground with both hands. You should focus on bending your knees with your weight in you heels while getting your butt as low as possible. Don’t hunch your shoulders forward! WARNING, if you have any limitation or medical issues with your knees, modify by lowering only half way down, with your knees at no more than a 90 degree angle.

6. Sprint for 30 seconds out, 10 second rest, and then sprint back.

7. Hold on to the back of a chair and stand up tall. Pressing through your heel and the back of your knee, lift your back leg up behind you as far as you can without tipping over. Pulse it a little higher 30 times then switch legs.

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By Niki Gauthier




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