How to Have Your Cake and Be Fit Too

have your cake and be fit tooHaving your cake and being fit too is all about finding that BALANCE! It’s not obsessing about your next meal or spending hours in the gym. It’s enjoying a healthy, fit lifestyle without feeling deprived or making big sacrifices. It’s planning ahead, making great choices depending on your goals and not feeling bad for having your “cake” once in awhile.

If you are “dieting” to lose weight, you may be wondering when you may be able to eat “normal” foods again. Well, that depends on your definition of normal. If normal is being able to eat all those  prepackaged, processed foods that may taste good, but are not real food, and basically eat whatever you want…. that’s not normal. Eating fast, processed foods may be popular in mainstream America but it’s not supposed to be our normal, natural, everyday diet. In fact, those types of “fake” foods will ruin your health! So, your best option is to adopt a lifestyle of clean eating most of the time and regular exercise.

Overall, you should aim to eat as healthy as possible to maintain good health and higher energy levels. But those who become lean and stay lean understand the “balance” and know that they can enjoy their favorite foods once a while without setting themselves back.

Below are my tips for finding that BALANCE between eating clean and living life to its fullest.

1. Work Hard, Play Hard

Want to keep your metabolism high and bodyfat percentage low? Want to burn calories instead of storing them? Then you need to exercise! The two major components are Resistance Training and Aerobic Exercise/Cardio.  Don’t forget to stretch! Stretching helps maintain flexibility, reduce injury and balance out the more intense exercise.  To get the biggest bang for your buck, focus on HIIT-style workouts (High-Intensity Interval Training).  My boot camp programs are a perfect example of this style of training. If you do it right, you can earn some shapely muscle, what most refer to as toning up, AND get a metabolic boost to burn fat!

2. Never say “I Can’t Eat That”

You can eat anything you want. But you choose to eat the most natural form of your foods and correct portion sizes because you want to feel good on the inside and look great on the outside!

Plan and prep your meals in advance to keep you stocked up with healthy options. Then plan a “treat meal” each week, have that piece of cake you’re craving without guilt!

3. Spice it Up

Change up your exercise regularly to avoid getting stuck in a rut. In my boot camp programs, we know how important it is to mix things up and keep the body guessing for the best results. That’s why we focus on finding a way to really challenge our members and change it up regularly. This could mean using more weight, changing rep schemes, using different formats or even just a simple change in scenery. You should enjoy your exercise time. Find activities that keep you interested.

4. Learn It. Love It. Live It.

Don’t obsess about your fitness program, diet or your body.  Strive for a healthy balance of nutritious, clean eating, regular exercise and even look to embrace any flaws you may have. Learn to love this lifestyle and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be fit, healthy and confident.

As busy women, we could all use a little more balance in our lives. Taking time for you can often create feelings of guilt. This is a common excuse I hear from many women, especially from other moms or caregivers, for not exercising consistently or taking the proper time to plan, shop for healthy foods and prepare nutritious meals for yourself and your family. Taking care of yourself IS important, especially when you have others to care for.  If you’re not feeling energetic and well, how can you possibly help those close to you? Be sure to make exercise and eating healthy a PRIORITY for better balance, more energy and better moods.

In conclusion, know that managing your weight can be just as challenging as losing weight. But, with consistency, creativity and commitment, maintaining a healthy weight and improving your fitness level can be a piece of cake!


Niki Gauthier

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