Food Prep Sunday- The Ultimate Lunch Boxes for Women!

the pac

If you participate in Niki G’s Food Prep Sunday, you know how much work can go into getting all your food ready for the week. But your meal prep can also be a source of  pride  and satisfaction once it’s complete and all your healthy meals are ready for the week! So, the last thing you want to do it tote it around a boring bag, worry about leaks or worry about your food going bad!

Also, many of us are moms too and know the importance of keeping snacks on hand at all times on the go and need a functional bag that can serve many purposes.

Good thing Fitmark Bags makes 3 sizes of meal managements bags to fit your meal management needs. These stylish and lightweight bags are designed for our lifestyle and will help keep your food fresh longer. They all come in pink (a Niki G favorite!) but they also come in black and red. I first started carrying a FitMark bag over a year ago and I am extremely impressed by the quality and how they have  really taken gym bags and “lunchboxes” for fitness girls (and guys) to a whole new level!

Meet The Pac, The Box and the Box LG from Fitmark

The Pac (pictured below) is the smallest of the 3 for those of us that work from home and just need a little something to carry a few snacks or a meal and it sells for $24.99. This one is my youngest daughter’s favorite for school!

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The Fitmark Pac promo code
The Fitmark Pac


If you need more than one meal on the go and want a couple of seal-tight containers that fit neatly inside the bag, The Box is for you. It also comes with two FitMark ice packs and a shaker bottle with a vitamin and protein powder organizer. There is a side pocket and even luggage strap attachment. This is the size that I carry. The Box sells for $59.99

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The Box LG (pictured below) is just like the Box, only a little larger and comes with 4 seal-tight containers rather than 2. The Box LG sells for $79.99

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All bags are easy to keep clean by wiping with a damp cloth as necessary.

The colors, the size, the functionality and the quality all make these bags perfect for busy, healthy women on the go and help keep our lifestyle fun and stylish!

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By Niki Gauthier

An Affiliate of Fitmark Bags


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