Spring Challenge Week Three

Week 3 Day One full body

Welcome to Week Three of Niki G’s Spring Challenge!If you missed any of week one, don’t let it hold you back! Just pick back up with this week and keep moving forward!

If you are not enrolled into the challenge, join now for all the updates.

Below are your daily workouts for the week. They are all a simplified, at-home version of my boot camp workouts we give at Niki G’s Boot Camp! Don’t forget to choose one rest day and follow your Niki G Nutrition Plan for best results!

Week 3 Day One full bodyWeek 3 Day 2 Glutes Week 3 Day 3 Upper Week 3 Day 4 Lower Week 3 Day 5 Upper Week 3 Day 6 Bodyweight

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Quads, Chest and Triceps Boot Camp Circuit


Light activity with dynamic stretching (jumping jacks, mini-squats, arm circles etc)

Boot Camp Circuit

  1. Narrow Squat Jump (feet together) x25 Stand with your feet together and squat back w/o allowing your knees to pass your toes, jump up as high as you can and land with your feet together, knees soft. Repeat. Use the back of a chair for stability if necessary and remember not to hunch over!
  2. Pushups x20 Keep chest over your thumbs to use your chest muscles! Go down to your knees if you cannot complete all reps on your toes. Remember to keep your body in straight line, even when on your knees.
  3. Alternating Backwards Lunge x20 each leg w/dumbbells. Hold 2 dumbbells at your side. Lunge backwards with your right foot and land on your toes with your heel raised. Lunge down and immediately lift yourself up and step forward to the starting position.  Repeat with your left leg and continue switching until you have completed 20 on each leg (this exercise should get your heart rate up if done rapidly- cardio bonus!)
  4. Triceps Incline Plank  30 seconds. Sit on floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Sit up straight and place your hands on the ground directly below your holders. Fingers pointed towards the front. Lift your hips off the ground until you body forms a straight line. Balance on your heels and hands for 30 seconds.
  5. Chest Fly w/dumbbells x20 Lie on your back (knees bent or lifted above waist) with a set of dumbbells press directly above your chest (not face) Leading with your elbows (which are only slightly bent) Lower the weights out wide to the sides of your chest (not face or waist!) Press the weights back up to the starting position while keeping your elbows slight bent.
  6. Cardio/Core Plank Jumps 60 seconds. Get into the plank position with your feet together. Keeping your hips as stable (less bounce the better!) as possible, jump both feet out wide and rapidly jump your feet back to the starting position.
  7. Triceps Bench (or chair) Dips x20. Sit on a bench or sturdy chair. Place your hands on the front edge with your fingers hanging off the front. Walk your feet out in front of you until you are no longer sitting on the chair. Keep your legs straight for more challenge. Kness bent for less. Bend your elbows (but be sure to keep them over your wrist, not too far in front or behind) and lower you body until your elbows are bent no lower  90 degrees. Press yourself back straight up and repeat while keep constant tension in your triceps.

Repeat x2

 Extra Challenge

15-30 minutes of running outside or cardio machine

 Cool Down

w/light stretching



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Basic Four Day Split and Cardio with Legs Focus

This program breaks up the body in four parts Legs, Back/ Biceps, Chest/ Triceps and Shoulders. Two longer Cardio days (one with extra legs) gives you a complete full body workout each week with special attention to shaping your legs.

Unless you are completing the following workout Boot Camp Style (cardio burst between exercises) plan 30 minutes of cardio in addition to your weight training workout. Cardio can be performed right after your weight training workout or in a separate workout. Be sure to take in at least 25 grams of protein immediately after your workout.

Day One



1. Squats 3 Sets 15-20 reps

2.  Superset:

Leg Ext

Leg Curl

3 Sets 15-20 Reps

3. Superset:

Hip Abduction

Hip Adduction

3 sets 15-20 reps

4.  Calf Raises

3 set 15-20 reps

Day Two

 Back & Biceps

3 Sets of 15-20 reps

1. Super Sets

Pulldowns + Seated Rows

2. Supeset

Standing straight arm pulldowns + Reverse Flyes

3. Superset

Straight Bar Bicep Curls + Alternating Hammer Curls

Ab Superset 3 sets 15-20 reps

Ab crunch machine + Straight leg Reverse Crunch

Day Three

Interval Cardio 1 hour

Example: Spin Class, Cardio Machine set at Intervals, Cardio Boot Camp class etc.

Abs or short Ab class

Day Four

Shoulders Chest & Triceps

1. Arnold Presses 3 sets x20 reps

2.Shoulder  Superset 3 sets x 10-15 reps

Upright Row + Single weight front raise

3. Chest Superset 3 sets x 10–15 reps

Incline Dumbbell Press + Flat Flyes

4. Triceps Superset 3 sets x 10-15 reps

Rope Triceps Pushdowns + Single weight overhead Triceps Extentions

Day Five

Plyometrics (legs) Cardio

1. Plie Squats 3 sets x 20 reps

2. Superset 3 sets x 10-15 reps

Splits Squat Jumps + Lunges w/rear leg elevated (10-15 each side)

3. Box Jumps 3 sets 15-20 reps

4. Supset 3 sets 10-15 reps

Deadlifts*  + Squat jumps

* Do single leg deadlifts 2nd and 3rd sets

5. Calf Raises 3 sets 1-15 reps

Day Six


Day Seven

Start cycle all over

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Niki G’s Two-Year Anniversary and Cool Springs Grand Opening Party

Niki Gauthier
Niki and her Husband, Sam Gauthier

Niki G’s Fitness is now open for business in a new, Cool Springs location. The official ribbon was cut on April 2nd as Niki G, along with family, friends, and her devoted boot campers, opened the studio doors in Luau-style fair!

Known for her light-hearted approach to fitness, the grand opening celebration was a perfect reflection of the program’s core “strengthening” values. Niki G and her social committee rolled up the yoga mats and turned the new studio into a beach getaway complete with tiki torches, hot pink leis, grass skirts and more. Pink flower arrangements and sand and shell hurricane centerpieces, designed by trainer Kristen Douglas, accented the tables.

The traditional luau garb didn’t hold anyone back from keeping fitness on the mind with a show and personal lesson from Nashville’s famous hula hoop troupe, The Spinderellas. But like Niki G always says, “you can have your cake and be fit too.” In addition to cake, cupcakes and other sweet treats, a Caribbean menu of jerk chicken and fresh vegetables was served. A food competition was held between members to put everyone’s tastiest, yet still nutritional, recipes to the test.

Niki G's Fitness Boot Camp Cool Springs
Cool Springs Members Katie, Carly and Brandy

Partygoers with the crowd favorite recipes, and those deemed “best dressed” of the night, were awarded prizes from our friends at Fleet Feet, Max Muscle Sports, Peace of Mind Day Spa, and Muse Boutique among others. Bartender Bill Johnson mixed up delicious, tropical cocktails to toast the evening as musician Mark McGuinn entertained the crowd with fireside performances on the acoustic guitar.

With all her trainers by her side and scissors in hand, Niki G cut the signature hot pink ribbon and thanked everyone who helped make the night a success.

          mark mcguinn

Sign up NOW for May Bootcamp, May 2nd -28th! For a complete schedule of the Cool Springs studio, or any of our other locations, or to learn more about Niki G’s Fitness, visit us at www.nikigfitness.com.


For media inquiries; email us at info@nikigfitness.com.

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A Tour of Niki G’s Monthly Boot Camp Kick-off

March Kick-off at Lenox Village

They say first impressions are everything. If you have attended one of our monthly kickoff events prior to beginning your new fitness program, then our hope is that we set you off on the right fitness track. Our kickoff events are designed to not only introduce you to the Niki G family, but to cover all bases setting you up for fitness success. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend one yet, or simply want to know more about the various stations around the room you might have whizzed through the last time, then we are happy to break it down for you.

You are first greeted at the door by Team Niki G members, perhaps Alisa our team captain. Your fellow boot campers will introduce you into the program as well as telling you about Team Niki G and how you can join. Then you will get your “before” pictures taken, for your benefit only, to look back at as a reference of your progress. The next kickoff you attend, you can take your “after” photos and update them monthly if you choose.

Next you will meet some of the women who will  be training you for the next several weeks as they weigh you in and take your overall measurements. Feel free to use this time to start asking questions about the classes or voice any concerns you might have.

The Fleet Feet Table

From you there, take notice of the vendors around the room. We like to think of them as part of the Niki G family and they are there to add to the other areas of the new lifestyle you have started. Owner of Fleet Feet is usually on hand  to help you find the right gear and sports apparel for any workout. Your shoes are probably the most important thing to ask her about. There are many steps to take in finding the best running or cross training shoe for you. You’d be surprised how many women think it’s time for new running shoes when the currents ones have worn off the sole. It’s also fun to find out your running style, yes everyone is different!

Jamie from Max Muscle

Jamie Free is our resident nutrition expert. When he is not at our kickoff events mixing up delicious protein shakes and dispelling myths and fad diets for our members, you can find him at his store, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition in Cool Springs! He is great to talk to and very experienced in creating proper nutrition plan for every woman to reach her ideal health and fitness goals. Your diet is crucial in not only reaching your goals, but also for the energy your body needs to get the best out of every workout.

For when you get that new figure you have been working so hard for, stop by the Muse Boutique table to check out the latest fashions. Whether its Kelley or Bailey showcasing their hot, new accessories or giving tips on dressing for your shape, trust that these gals will get you looking your best!

Consulting with Niki

And last, but certainly not the least, your last stop in the room is a one-on-one with Niki! Here is your chance to talk to her about your personal fitness goals, what has worked in the past for you and what hasn’t. This is the time to ask any questions about your nutrition and any obstacles or plateaus you are used to hitting in your workouts. She has many tips and tricks that have been tired and tested with years of fitness training experience. This is also an opportunity to get to know her on a first name basis so that throughout your fitness program you can feel comfortable asking any questions you find along the way. Plus, you’ll be seeing lots of her at all of our fun Girls Night Out  events and many other activities we plan for members to do together!

Happy camping!

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Second Annual Sweetheart Workout- Cool Springs

Happy Valentine’s Day! This past Saturday, both the Lenox Village and Cool Springs studios were packed from 7-8am when several our members brought their “sweetheart” to boot camp for our Second Annual Sweetheart Workout.

Cool Springs Sweetheart Workout

At the Cool Springs Studio, they arrived two-by-two, ready for some heart-healthy cardio and the usual butt-kicking exercise. Some brought their husbands/boyfriends and shared the love with their sisters or best friends!

Members were able to show their “sweetheart” first-hand why they enjoy boot camp so much,  how hard they work during class and how good it feels to complete the workout!   Trainers, Whitney and Niki,  paired everyone up for some partner exercises and drills and guests were treated the full Boot Camp experience with a little extra creativity, teamwork and laughter!

We are so proud of all our members who share their passion for health and fitness with their loved ones and look forward to the next year’s Sweetheart Workout!

For more pictures, please see our Facebook Fan Page!

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Why Weight Training is Important

Do you want to get buff? Do you want to have defined abs, cut arms and a lifted rear? The most important tool you need to achieve these features, aside from a great nutritional plan and cardio to burn fat, is RESISTANCE TRAINING. While you are enrolled in Boot Camp and you are showing up at least 2 per days per week, you are getting probably most of the Resistance Training you need. However you could easily do up to 4 or even 5 days a week if you want to really accelerate this process.

With that being said, I will keep this very short and to the point and cover some of the highlights of strength training. (I will be posting some at-home workouts and exercises soon at my online community, so make sure you are a member! http://nikigfitness.ning.com/ )

• Resistance Training (also known as Strength Training or Weight Training) is anything that provides resistance against your muscles such as weights, bands, medicine balls or even your own body weight. Walking or running up a hill can even be considering a form of resistance training.

 • How much resistance you need depends on your current strength level and your goals. If you are wanting to build muscle, use as heavy of a weight as you can for 8-12 reps. If you are just trying to tone and tighten, use as heavy of weight as you can for at least 15-20 reps or even more depending on your workout.

Lifting heavier weights will NOT make you look like this bodybuilder!

 • You will not get big and bulky by using weights, even if they are heavy. To think that we can get jacked like a Bodybuilder using heavy weights for 20 reps or so is silly. The people you see with big muscles work VERY hard to look that way. They spend A LOT of time in the gym using very heavy weights, low reps and a lot of rest between sets. They also have a fine-tuned, high calorie diet, and spend YEARS, not months getting that big. I can attest to this because I trained to gain muscle for 2 years as “bodybuilder” and even though I competed and placed 3rdin my weight class in TN State, I still never looked more than a lean fitness model or fitness competitor. It’s very difficult to gain a lot of muscle, so don’t be afraid of the weights!!! As long as you keep good form and do high reps, you will look hot, not scary.

• The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. This means that when you go into a maintenance phase, you will be able to consume more calories than you would if you had less muscle.

• Resistance Training also helps maintain bone density, improves your energy levels and your overall balance.

OK, and here are a couple of rules for you:

1. The bigger the weights, the higher the intensity. A great way to mix up your routine, especially if you hit a plateau.

 2. Form ALWAYS over heavy weights. Don’t sacrifice your form just to lift a heavier weight.

3. Fat NEVER turns into muscle and vice versa. You lose muscle, and you gain fat, or vice versa.

 4. If you feel like your body weight is too high for you, do more cardio and eat less, but don’t back off the weights! In fact you should lift weight your entire life so you never lose muscle. Resistance Training is one of the best ways to stay young. Also, it’s that weight training, high intensity level and the muscles that will help turn your body into a fat burning machine so don’t give up!

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Double Your Diet and Exercise Results by Journaling


I hear it all the time, “But I eat really well and I still haven’t lost any weight.” That’s their viewpoint until they actually start documenting everything they eat. As the day goes by you may be eating mindlessly or even eating more than you thought. Improper portion sizes are the biggest setback I find when evaluating journals. Even I had a hard time shedding the pregnancy pounds after my second daughter was born until I began keeping a food journal with an online program!
Studies now show what I have been telling clients for years — those who keep a diet and exercise journal lose two times as much weight as those who don’t! This is good news for anyone keeping a journal whether your goal is to lose weight, run a marathon or even just tone up. While you might be one to complain about the hassle of keeping a journal, wouldn’t you agree that it’s much better than not fitting into your clothes, or worse, having medical issues due to your size or lack of physical fitness?
Make the Change
It’s never too late to change your fitness level and lifestyle. Simply pick up a small notebook at the store and update it two-three times a day with exactly what you did that day to get healthier. Include everything you ate and any exercise you did. The more information you provide in your journal the better. Chances are, you already know what you should be eating to achieve your goals — the journal will just provide additional discipline and accountability!
Now, if you enjoy the convenience of the computer or you need some guidance in the nutrition department there are many online programs, like my Niki G Fitness Tracker I use with my clients, that allow you set up an account and enter in the food you eat. Some even have technology to give you a snapshot regarding how well you are doing by providing charts, graphs or “report cards” and some provide meal planning.
Just remember, keeping a journal does not have to be forever. Once you reach your goals and get used to writing down everything you eat and learning how to balance out your meals, you won’t need the journal. And if you get off track, you can always just pick up the pen and paper (or mouse) once again!

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Niki G Raises Money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Niki G's Raise for the Cure TeamOn October 10th, 2009 Niki G’s Fitness team will participate in the Race for the Cure at Maryland Farms in Brentwood. This is a great way for you to burn some calories and raise money for a good cause!

To a part of the largest 5K Run/Walk series in the world and Join Niki G in the Fight Against Breast Cancer please register at http://2009greaternashvilleraceforthecure.kintera.org/nikigfitnessbootcampbrentwood 
Our goal is to raise at least $1000 and we are just over a third of the way with less than two weeks to go!
All team members will receive a special Team Niki G t-shirt and can choose between our walking or running group.
Please contact Niki with any questions at www.nikigfitness.com
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Who Has Time to Workout?

I don’t have time to workout and neither do most people that have a job, kids, or even just a life! That’s why we have to MAKE the time to exercise! There are many tips for finding time to exercise and opinions on which part of the day is best. But, in the end, the best time of the day to exercise is whatever time you can make for it, and what I have found works best for making the time, is to schedule and appointment with yourself, a trainer or a class.

By scheduling an appointment in your appointment book, online calendar, or handheld device you are committing to that time and will most likely not let anything get in the way, as long as getting or staying in shape is a priority to you. If you schedule a class or private training session, you will have the added bonus of somebody expecting you, and then it’s much harder to get out of your scheduled exercise session! Even if you can’t attend a class or hire a trainer, find a workout buddy that you can rely on and never let them cancel on you!

Now go schedule your exercise for the next week…..
Nicole Gauthier

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