Transformation Tuesday – Eating Cleaner Really Makes a Difference!


As one of our New Year’s Challengers, Casey found that eating clean can really make a difference! She really tightened up in 4 short weeks of Boot Camp (both classes and at-home workouts) and Niki G’s Online Nutrition Coaching and even lost some body fat!

Before weight – 119 After weight – 114
Before waist – 28 After waist – 27.5
Before hips – 36 After hips – 35

“When I started attending bootcamp in June 2013, I got weighed and measured at the new member orientation. I weighed 120.6, waist 28.5, hips 37. I love bootcamp and have attended regularly since then. I was toning up and getting stronger and faster and I was eating moderately healthy. But I hadn’t really measured the change. I wasn’t really looking to lose weight, just be active and look better. When I signed up for the challenge, my goal was to up my healthy eating game. And the results took me completely by surprise! I lost the same amount in my waist and hips in the 4 weeks that I had in 7 months of just focusing on the exercise piece. And I lost weight I didn’t even know I had to lose! I’m so excited to have better ideas for healthy eating, knowing I can drink more water successfully, and have good snacks to fill me up and keep me going. My energy level is awesome and overall I feel great!”

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Online Coaching Success- Eat Well for Total Success


I started at Niki G on October 1st 2012. At the time I only weighed and did not do measurements. By November 1st I had made some progress, lost 6 lbs and finally did my measurements. Since that time I have lost 22 pounds and 17 inches. Fitness experts say your body has muscle memory and I believe that to be true. I ran my first mile in just over 10 minutes and I am now down to a 7:40 mile, close to my PR from about 4 yrs ago. Boot Camp/yoga/and extra cardio are now part of my daily routine. I had to remind myself how to portion out my food into carbs/fat/protein. And while I need the workouts you have to eat well to have total success. I have dropped two pants sizes and fit into all of my “small” clothes again. It is a great feeling. I compete against myself to get better, but at the same I could not do it without my awesome classmates in Lenox Village and Whitney. While or workouts are tough I always look forward to going because class is fun and that make it worth it. It’s 1-2 hours a day of “me” time well spent! I am not a my long term goal yet but I will continue to get there with diet, exercise and a great group of women by my side!

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Online Coaching Success- Plan for Success!

Elizabeth winner crop


Down 9lbs in 28 days!

“I have struggled, fought and overall felt guilty about my weight for a very long time! I have started every fad diet and detox, but typically last anywhere from hours to days, then get bored and go back to my bad habits! I enjoy working out and being active, but have never had good eating habits. So I decided to do the 28 day challenge! What a difference 28 days can make. I think the big difference with this plan is that I actually prepared the meals ahead of time. I had less opportunity to make bad eating choices when I knew what was prepared for me! I was never hungry, never felt famished, and overall felt satisfied with my meals. I will say plain Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are a little hard to get use to, but otherwise really enjoyed what I was eating. A week or so in, my clothes were definitely looser, I didn’t feel bloated, and I swear my hair was shiny. I have heard these rumors before, but never believed that clean eating could do it until it happened to me!! I actually stuck with the plan, again, HUGE accomplishment in itself and bonus, lost 9 lbs! I can definitely tell the difference with my clothes. They are looser and I feel better in them! Overall, very happy with my results! I am encouraged by the changes and excited to keep moving forward with eating clean and the bikini challenge. I encourage anyone who is participating to STICK WITH IT!! And do as much prep beforehand as possible. It will make it so much easier not to stray! And you will get so much more out of your workout when you are eating clean!” -Liz J.

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Online Nutrition and Fitness Coaching Success! -Food is Fuel

M. R before.after winner

“During the 28-day challenge, I lost 9 pounds, 2.5” from waist, and 3.25” from my hips. My clothes fit better. I am learning a lot about food as fuel, and my habits have changed for the better.

I had never followed a meal plan before–I’ve tried food journaling and it’s never quite worked 100% for me because I have never understood how to put together a well-rounded day’s worth of calories with the right components to fuel my active lifestyle. I’d either end up starving or feeling faint halfway through a workout, or I’d feel bloated and gross, even if I stayed within the proper calorie or points total. Not all calories are created equal, and that is something that the meal plan for this challenge has shown me. I haven’t been hungry, and I haven’t felt deprived. Well, except for when my friends are going to eat Mexican food and I have to pass up the chips and salsa. But that’s even lost its allure for me to a certain extent in the last month. And the cheat meal means I am not going crazy with cravings–I can have that fix on the weekend and get back to eating the way that makes me feel the best during the week.
One way I think this challenge has helped me specifically is that I am starting to enjoy cooking a little bit. Those who know me know that I don’t cook. I make toast and oatmeal and that’s about it. But this past month, as I’ve been forced to figure out how to make these simple meals, I have become more at home in the kitchen. I am comfortable with several simple dishes I had never cooked before (for example, I love how easy fish is to make). To me, this is the most important impact of the challenge. Removing some of the intimidation of healthy cooking and preparation of clean foods has started a journey for me that will certainly make a lasting difference for my health.
I think that a healthy, activity-fueling diet has a learning curve. I’ve started down a good road, and, like my fitness, it’s a road with ups and downs and starts and stops. I think the important thing is to keep going down the road, and to find new ways to get moving in the right direction again. This challenge was a great way for me to restart my journey. I plan to keep going with the next challenge, because I still have a lot to learn, and a lot to gain (strength and fitness) and lose (fat and self-doubt). 🙂 The support and inspiration I’ve received from Niki, Alisa , and Whitney, as well as the amazing examples of my from fellow boot campers has been invaluable to me. This is not a lonely road!”

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