Amy- Little changes add up to BIG results!

Amy“My original goal when I started working out was to lose my baby weight. When I heard about the 28 day challenge I thought what do I have to lose but more weight so why not try it??

I have done fad diets in the past and lost a lot of weight quickly but I would always gain it back so I decided I wanted to make a life style change, knowing this would take longer but I know there is no substitute for hard work and dedication.

Through this process I have learned so much! I have learned that food prep is key, it makes it so easy! Another important lesson I have learned is healthy food CAN taste good! The first few days were tough for me, I didn’t have any energy and just felt rough, but after the first 3 days I began to see a huge difference in my energy level, my skin, my mood, etc!!!

The main difference with this plan is I didn’t find myself craving things that I would not normally even want just because I was on a “diet”. I loved having healthy “go to” snacks! I purchased the Beauty Fit protein powder in Sin-o-bun and absolutely loved it!! It made me look forward to every afternoon when I got my “treat”.

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TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY – Losing weight while eating MORE than ever!

michelle before and after

In just 28 days on the Niki G’s Nutrition Plan and Boot Camp workouts Michelle lost 10lbs, 2.5 inches in her hips and 1.5 in waist, and improved her energy while EATING MORE THAN EVER!!

michelle before and after

‘I am blown away by my results! I wanted to lose 10 pounds but I cannot believe what I have lost and what I have gained!
I turned 40 in August and in November my “big girl pants” were getting tight! I knew it was time to make changes but I wasn’t sure how. I really wasn’t eating much so I was frustrated! And to top it off I had no energy! I was starting to believe this was how 40 felt! Then I discovered the 28 day challenge!
Life changing! I am eating more than I have ever eaten and losing weight! What?
I gave up my 1 coke a day and 4 cups of coffee because I don’t need them. I only have 1 cup of coffee now because I like it not because I need caffeine! My energy level is unbelievable!
The meals have been so good! My favorite dinner was the shrimp. Breakfast oatmeal pancake lunch turkey and black beans and my favorite snack was ricotta cheese and strawberries!
I cannot say enough about bootcamp! The pictures say it all. In the month I attended it has done more for my body than a year at my other classes! And the community is not something I even expected!
I was even able to go on vacation and make smart choices and not gain any weight! An easy lifestyle change! My husband has even lost weight because of the house having smarter choices an the pantry!
Looking forward to next month!
Thanks Niki!”

Way to go Michelle! YOU are an inspiration!!

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Emily – Clean Eating plus Exercise Works!!

emily challenge

**Update on Emily!** Read her original story here>
Emily adds Niki G’s Nutrition Plan to her boot camp workouts and loses another 10lbs and more inches and gains a new, healthier way of eating!!

“What can I say…I am blown away! I never thought that when I bought a groupon for Niki G’s last May that I would gain the amazing friends and community and that my body would change in the way that it has. Seriously, I look forward to going to boot camp every morning! I can tell I am so much stronger and I run faster (while running less then I used to each week!).

Then a little over a month ago I went with some friends to the New Years Challenge kick-off to see what this clean eating plan was about. I really didn’t know that I would LOVE the food so much and that my body would be transformed!

I have had very little problems with this 28 day challenge. I cut out ALL diet drinks(my goal was to have less each day), which means I no longer go to Sonic up to two times a day! I drink my gallon of water every day. I normally snack on gummy candies all the time and I haven’t had any of those this month. I loved having a plan each week and knowing what I was going to eat from day to day. The food is simple but so good and I was satisfied with most meals. And if I needed something else then I had a snack to eat! I signed up for the February Bikini Bootcamp as soon as it was available because I want more meal ideas!

What is amazing is that I have lost more weight in one time frame and I didn’t really expect to lose any weight at all! It’s always been incredibly hard for me to lose weight. Each week I was so surprised to see the scale a little lower. I feel incredibly strong and love that I can see my body get even stronger! Someone recently said to me, “…if you lose much more weight – you would disappear!”. It’s fun that other people are noticing as well.

Also, my face is clearing up. I have acne a couple of times a month- didn’t expect that either.

I drink less caffeine. I still have an occasional cup of black coffee but I have gone three days without realizing that I didn’t have any.

NIki – thank you. Thank you for challenging me to try changing just a few more things and helping me realize that those few crutches were actually the things that have been holding me back. I love eating cleaner!”

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Transformation Tuesday – Eating Cleaner Really Makes a Difference!


As one of our New Year’s Challengers, Casey found that eating clean can really make a difference! She really tightened up in 4 short weeks of Boot Camp (both classes and at-home workouts) and Niki G’s Online Nutrition Coaching and even lost some body fat!

Before weight – 119 After weight – 114
Before waist – 28 After waist – 27.5
Before hips – 36 After hips – 35

“When I started attending bootcamp in June 2013, I got weighed and measured at the new member orientation. I weighed 120.6, waist 28.5, hips 37. I love bootcamp and have attended regularly since then. I was toning up and getting stronger and faster and I was eating moderately healthy. But I hadn’t really measured the change. I wasn’t really looking to lose weight, just be active and look better. When I signed up for the challenge, my goal was to up my healthy eating game. And the results took me completely by surprise! I lost the same amount in my waist and hips in the 4 weeks that I had in 7 months of just focusing on the exercise piece. And I lost weight I didn’t even know I had to lose! I’m so excited to have better ideas for healthy eating, knowing I can drink more water successfully, and have good snacks to fill me up and keep me going. My energy level is awesome and overall I feel great!”

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