May Boot Camp Winners

Congratulations to ALL that finished last month’s Boot Camp. EVERYONE who attended improved their fitness level and saw results, however a few Boot Camper really stood out. At the end of every month, I love acknowledging these Boot Campers. They deserve it for their hard work and their inspiration to others!

Since our 5:15AM class is so large we had a first and second place “Most Improved Boot Camper.” Our First place Winnerwas Erin C., but since she was out of town on awards day, she is not pictured below. In only 4 weeks, Erin took 2.29 minutes off her 1 mile run in only improved her overall strength by 25 reps between her push ups and sit ups!

Heidi, Niki and Alison
Heidi, Niki and Alison

2nd Place Most Improved Boot Camper goes to Heidi T. who took almost 2 minutes off her one mile run and also happened to lose 5lbs and two inches from her waist! Heidi also credits her Boot Camp workouts for giving her more energy and is no longer relying on energy drinks to get her through the day!


Our Fittest Boot Camp award for May 5:15am time  goes to Allison F, who even at her fitness level was constantly challenged and always set a great example for other Boot Campers.

Camille, Niki & Jane
Camille, Niki & Jane

Our Most Improved Boot Camper award for the 5:30pm Boot Camp at Granny White Park goes to Camille S! Camille took almost 1.5 minutes off her 1 mile run and added 27 reps between her push ups and sit-ups. Camille also lost 6lbs, and 2 inches off her waist. Camille is on her way back to getting her pre-baby body back!

Jane S. was our Fittest Boot Camp for our May 5:30pm class. Jane also happens to be the oldest (in age) of our class, so this is quite an accomplishment and great motivation and inspiration to women of all ages!

Way to go to ALL of our May Boot Campers! I am so proud of each and everyone of them and all have results to brag about it, even if it’s just the fact they got up early to exercise, or came to a workout after a long day at work and still completed their program!
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What Brentwood Boot Campers are saying about Niki G’s Boot Camp

I have tried the gym, fad diets, and my own healthy lifestyle attempts, but I lack the motivation and consistency of effort to achieve my goal. It was time to try something new, and I needed someone to push, challenge, and motivate me, and that is why I joined Niki G’s bootcamp.  She is great about motivating, and challenging us. I have toned up, and I generally feel healthier and have tons more energy.  The bootcamp is very challenging and you are really pushed to extend yourself.  But at the end of the session you know that you have had a great workout. M.C Brentwood, TN

I couldn’t have asked for a better workout experience.  I signed up for boot camp for the accountability, because when things are busy with work and in life my workout routine is the first thing to go.  I also thought it would be a good way to get ready for Summer.  Niki is great, because she makes the workouts challenging, but fun at the same time. The workouts are different each day and I started to see results I was only planning on taking one month, but I am  definitely going to do it again. A.F Brentwood, TN

Check out Michelle’s Blog about her Boot Camp experience! Michelle’s Blog>

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Free Boot Camp and April Awards 5/2/09- Brentwood, TN

This morning, on a wet and rainy Saturday, 15 dedicated “Boot Campers” showed up for a fast and fun 30 minute workout at Owl Creek. Several had never been to one of my camps, but they all hung in the with best of them the entire 30 minutes!

We started out with a simple warm up then hit the path for Niki G’s ‘Hot Potato Jog and Sprint’, where we pass 2 balls down the line and the last one sprints to the front with ball. Next we grabbed some mats and weights out of my ‘mom-mobile’ and headed over to the pavillon for a non-stop full body workout. Then just when they thought it might be over, we blasted our hips, thighs and butt with some floor exercise and finally finished off with some ab exercises and a nice stretch.

After our workout, we all relaxed and had a light breakfast and I gave awards to some of our April Boot Campers…..

April Awards
TOP: Winner of the April “Best Boot Camp Blooper Award (Fearless Female Award) for her graceful wipeout during sprints. At least it was in the grass and she didn’t hurt herself!
BOTTOMt: The Top 2 Most Improved Boot Campers for April. All scores were based on a fitness test at the beginning and end of camp. Stacy (L) took 2.9 minutes off her 1 mile run and Michelle (R) also happened to lose 10lbs in April!!!

So, it was a fun morning and I plan to offer this free class each Saturday at 9am. To reserve your spot checkout the links to the right for and




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The Lake

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my hometown of Brentwood, TN. My husband and I got up early one morning, while my mother watched the girls, and headed out to our favorite walking place- a 4 mile hike at Radnor Lake. As part of my continued program to lose my remaining pregnancy weight, I thought a walk at the lake would be a wonderful way to get some exercise while out of town.

The first part of the trail is a beautiful, flat walk around the lake, but the second part is a steep hill. So steep that they have built wood steps into the ground. Getting up that hill with my extra pregnancy weight was a lot harder this time. So hard that I was breathing pretty heavy within a few minutes of the climb. My legs were burning and my pace slowed. It was difficult (much harder than lounging on the couch with a good cup of coffee) but it felt GREAT!!!

So, I got to wondering why the the strenuous exercise felt so great to me while many others would be complaining about the hard work. A man coming down the hill towards us even commented on what a complainer his girlfriend was being on their hike! I had to remind myself that I practically grew up at Radnor Lake. I began walking with my parents there at a very early age. Part of my training for my first bodybuilding competition at age 17 was on those trails and when I got married, I brought my husband there with our dogs to walk. Not only was the lake and its trails an early inspiration to me, but so where the many visits to the gym with my mom as a young girl. I couldn’t wait to be old enough work out at a gym! I had grown up visiting Radnor Lake much like I had grown up with fitness as part of my life.

Now, I don’t believe children should necessarily start exercising as soon as they can walk and that everyone should dedicate their career to fitness, but lifelong habits start young. How we view exercise could easily rub off on our children, grandchildren or other children in our lives- at least enough to keep them healthy.

If you haven’t grown up with fitness in your life, there are many things you can do to learn to love fitness. These days fitness is about feeling good not “no pain, no gain”. I hear my students and clients talk frequently about how much they actually look forward to their Yoga and Pilates class and hardly view them as exercise.

I hope to motivate my daughters much the same why I do my clients and students- to enjoy fitness, make it a habit, and love your body! I truly look forward to sharing my love of fitness with my girls and especially look forward to introducing them to The Lake.

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