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Recently, I had the privilege of attending an event here in town with some of the most successful and inspiring women you could ever know! The event was called Business Boutique and featured Christy Wright of the Dave Ramsey Team.


These women spoke as business owners to 1200 other women who own or want to own their own businesses, but their material was beneficial for anyone.  And their message was very clear… self-care is #1 priority! If you’re not taking care of yourself, how can you share your gifts and talents with anyone or take care of your family and friends?


Now, these are some VERY successful women who had family, friends and businesses to take care of, and just about every one of them spoke about the importance of making time for you, and making time for what you value most and what adds the most value. I  even made a similar post last year about this. I don’t know about you, but my health and family are first, followed by my businesses and community work. Everything, I mean everything, else can wait. I imagine you have a similar list with many priorities as well.


Now, that might sound like a lot to balance. But their message was clear here too… it’s not about juggling everything at one time, it’s doing the right things at the right time. Carve out that time for family, focus and give your work everything you can during work hours, and schedule time do what really matters to you.


As you can imagine, the topic came up about how we aimlessly scroll on our phones and how we spend so much time looking down instead of up at everything around us. Time was also spent on recognizing things we may be doing that waste time and don’t add value. All were important reminders for all of us who try to do so much.

Overall, it was an inspiring event and I highly recommend you attend next year if you can!

So, what can you do to make self care priority list and find balance? Here are 3 steps to getting yourself going in the right direction.


  1. Stop every so often to ask yourself if what you are currently doing is honoring your values and what matters most. Is it giving more to your life or taking away? Are you fully present and taking care of yourself? Just becoming more aware is they key here.
  2. Make a plan and schedule each action you need to take like Grocery shopping, workouts, cooking, date night, and then take ACTION!
  3. Schedule some “off time.” Leaving work or other responsibilities takes more than just leaving the office. You have unplug and shut down. If you feel constantly connected to email, social media etc, even just an hour a night of unplugging to focus can make a big difference and will allow you the space and clarity you need to take care of your top priorities.


New habits take time, so keep practicing the above steps until they become more natural. I promise you will feel less stressed, happier and more productive than ever!

Niki has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 1996, is a Mother of two and has been married to her best friend, Sam, since 1998. She appeared for over two years live on the Home Shopping Network and its sister station, America’s Store, as a regular guest and fitness expert for ProForm Fitness, the world’s largest manufacturer of home fitness equipment, before moving back to her hometown of Nashville, TN and starting Niki G’s Boot Camp. Niki is committed to helping women find realistic ways of getting in staying in shape through consistent and effective exercise and healthy eating through her Nashville Fitness Classes and Online Training Programs.

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Niki G’s Fitness | Are You Honoring Your Priorities?

niki g fitness priorities

niki g fitness prioritiesMOMENT OF TRUTH:  What are you priorities in life? I am willing to bet that the majority of you rate your health and fitness pretty high up there. Yet, what action have you taken today to honor your priority to get into better shape? If you worked out, ate healthy and are drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated already today, give yourself a pat on the back. It may have been a struggle to fit in, but keep it up until it becomes habit!

Now, if you haven’t done much today for your personal health and fitness, and even if family and career or something else rate at the top and you think there is not much space for anything else, think again. ANYTHING you do in life requires your energy, strength and overall health.  That’s why no matter what priorities in life you want to focus on, just about every one of your goals can be attained faster and better by staying in shape and being healthier.

You will honor almost ALL your priorities by making the time for YOU and fitting in something that brings you closer to better health!  So, here are 5 things you can do in 5 minutes or less to better your health in fitness. Remember it’s the little things we do repeatedly that add up to big results.  So don’t skip them just because you don’t think they don’t matter.

  1. Drink a big glass of water
  2. Research a new healthy recipe and list the ingredients you need to make it
  3. Schedule your next workout. Our members at Niki G’s Boot Camp use an online scheduler ( to schedule their small group fitness classes. But you could also call a friend and make a date to meet up for a workout, write out in your planner the days and times you plan to workout etc
  4. Go for a walk. Yes, even a 5 minute walk around the block is worth it and great for your health, especially if you unplug and find some clarity!
  5. Read a health and fitness blog for inspiration and motivation. There are so many great blogs these days to choose from. Just google what you are interested in!

What else can you do in 5 minutes or less right now to honor your priorities?



Niki Gauthier

Niki has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 1996, is a Mother of two and has been married to her best friend, Sam, since 1998. She appeared for over two years live on the Home Shopping Network and its sister station, America’s Store, as a regular guest and fitness expert for ProForm Fitness, the world’s largest manufacturer of home fitness equipment, before moving back to her hometown of Nashville, TN and starting Niki G’s Boot Camp. Niki is committed to helping women find realistic ways of getting in staying in shape through consistent and effective exercise and healthy eating.


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Back to School, Get Back in Shape!

back to school fitness tips

back to school fitness tips

It’s back to school time! Whether you have a school-age child or not, I’m sure you can enjoy the sense of routine that this time of year brings upon us. Did you slack off a little this summer but are now ready to get serious about your fitness goals? There is not better time to start or restart than NOW! Like as in TODAY! Below is your  “Back-to-School / Back-in-Shape” Plan to help get you back on track!

First Day of School

Who didn’t enjoy the first day of school?  The fresh start, meeting new friends and starting new activities!  Don’t worry about what you might not have done right yesterday.  Instead, focus on what’s ahead.

Back-to-School ShoppingHere are some items you’ll want to get at the store before you begin.

  • 2-3 reusable water containers for drinking plenty of water throughout the day
  • A small cooler for packing your healthy, energizing food and snacks
  • New shoes for exercise
  • A Planning Calendar

Agenda: Use your planner and get organized:  You can avoid extra calories and poor food choices by menu planning for a full week.  Next, schedule your exercise just like you would an appointment.  Finally, write out a daily “to do” list the night before.  Keep it realistic so you don’t get overwhelmed.  Being organized will increase your productivity.  You’ll get more done each day and won’t feel guilty taking the time to exercise or cook a good meal!

Do Your Homework:  Do you know what’s in the food you eat?  Reading the label is like looking at a price tag before you purchase something to be sure it’s within your budget.  Educate yourself so you can make informed decisions.

Brown Bag ItDon’t get stuck with high-fat, low-fiber, processed foods for lunch!  Make intentional leftovers the night before and bring your lunch with you the next day.  Pack a cooler with plenty of natural, nutritious snacks.  Eating a proper lunch and a healthy snack in between can help avoid the afternoon energy slumps and sugar/carb cravings.

No Skipping Class:  Schedule those classes or fitness appointments with yourself.  Treat them like an important meeting and don’t let anything get in the way.  Instead of punishing yourself for any set-backs, reward yourself with something like a massage for each week of successfully completing all your workouts.

Listen to your Teacher/Coach:  Even the best athletes and artists in the world have a teacher or coach at some point in their career.  If you can’t hire someone one-on-one to coach you through your workouts and how to eat then enroll into an exercise program.  If a professional exercise program is not for you then buddy-up with someone who can hold you accountable for getting in shape!

Autumn is a wonderful time to create new routines and habits that will lead to a healthier happier life!  You can even use the upcoming holidays as a target date for establishing some new habits enabling you to both see and feel results.

Okay students–open those planners to today’s date and START!

By Niki Gauthier

Niki Gauthier is the Founder of Niki G’s Fitness which specializes in Boot Camp programs at its several Nashville area locations  A personal trainer since 1996, Niki spent two years on the Home Shopping Network as a fitness expert and regular guest.  She has successfully lost over 50lbs after the birth of each of her two daughters and loves sharing her experience to motivate other women to change their lives with fitness.  For more tips and information, join Niki’s Newsletter by visiting

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Amy- Little changes add up to BIG results!

Amy“My original goal when I started working out was to lose my baby weight. When I heard about the 28 day challenge I thought what do I have to lose but more weight so why not try it??

I have done fad diets in the past and lost a lot of weight quickly but I would always gain it back so I decided I wanted to make a life style change, knowing this would take longer but I know there is no substitute for hard work and dedication.

Through this process I have learned so much! I have learned that food prep is key, it makes it so easy! Another important lesson I have learned is healthy food CAN taste good! The first few days were tough for me, I didn’t have any energy and just felt rough, but after the first 3 days I began to see a huge difference in my energy level, my skin, my mood, etc!!!

The main difference with this plan is I didn’t find myself craving things that I would not normally even want just because I was on a “diet”. I loved having healthy “go to” snacks! I purchased the Beauty Fit protein powder in Sin-o-bun and absolutely loved it!! It made me look forward to every afternoon when I got my “treat”.

Become your own Success Story!! Get started today at Niki G’s Boot  Camp!

Or Sign Up for Niki G’s FREE Nutrition Newsletter>

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TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY – Losing weight while eating MORE than ever!

michelle before and after

In just 28 days on the Niki G’s Nutrition Plan and Boot Camp workouts Michelle lost 10lbs, 2.5 inches in her hips and 1.5 in waist, and improved her energy while EATING MORE THAN EVER!!

michelle before and after

‘I am blown away by my results! I wanted to lose 10 pounds but I cannot believe what I have lost and what I have gained!
I turned 40 in August and in November my “big girl pants” were getting tight! I knew it was time to make changes but I wasn’t sure how. I really wasn’t eating much so I was frustrated! And to top it off I had no energy! I was starting to believe this was how 40 felt! Then I discovered the 28 day challenge!
Life changing! I am eating more than I have ever eaten and losing weight! What?
I gave up my 1 coke a day and 4 cups of coffee because I don’t need them. I only have 1 cup of coffee now because I like it not because I need caffeine! My energy level is unbelievable!
The meals have been so good! My favorite dinner was the shrimp. Breakfast oatmeal pancake lunch turkey and black beans and my favorite snack was ricotta cheese and strawberries!
I cannot say enough about bootcamp! The pictures say it all. In the month I attended it has done more for my body than a year at my other classes! And the community is not something I even expected!
I was even able to go on vacation and make smart choices and not gain any weight! An easy lifestyle change! My husband has even lost weight because of the house having smarter choices an the pantry!
Looking forward to next month!
Thanks Niki!”

Way to go Michelle! YOU are an inspiration!!

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Motivation Monday – March Fitness Challenge


squatsYour March Challenge is to complete 100 SQUATS A DAY until April 1st!

When the weight of the world is on your shoulders… DO SQUATS! Squats will keep your leg looking HOT and feeling STRONG this Spring!!

Take pics and post on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. Hashtag @nikigs100

The best, most original post (think squats in fun places) will receive 1 month FREE boot camp! We’ll also be giving out random prizes so squat away and be sure to post to share with our community and for accountability!

#nikigs100 #nikigspringbreak #nikigsbootcamp #squatchallenge

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Calories (Energy) Needs

Use the Calorie Calculator below to get your estimate on how many calories your body uses each day. To lose body fat, you will need to subtract 500 calories from your total and then average that amount of calories daily throughout the week. However, you should NEVER go below 1200 calories and cutting more than 500 could cause more damage than good!
Be sure to get an updated count when your activity level or weight has changed.
Don’t forget choose “no” for metric!

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How to Have Your Cake and Be Fit Too

have your cake and be fit tooHaving your cake and being fit too is all about finding that BALANCE! It’s not obsessing about your next meal or spending hours in the gym. It’s enjoying a healthy, fit lifestyle without feeling deprived or making big sacrifices. It’s planning ahead, making great choices depending on your goals and not feeling bad for having your “cake” once in awhile.

If you are “dieting” to lose weight, you may be wondering when you may be able to eat “normal” foods again. Well, that depends on your definition of normal. If normal is being able to eat all those  prepackaged, processed foods that may taste good, but are not real food, and basically eat whatever you want…. that’s not normal. Eating fast, processed foods may be popular in mainstream America but it’s not supposed to be our normal, natural, everyday diet. In fact, those types of “fake” foods will ruin your health! So, your best option is to adopt a lifestyle of clean eating most of the time and regular exercise.

Overall, you should aim to eat as healthy as possible to maintain good health and higher energy levels. But those who become lean and stay lean understand the “balance” and know that they can enjoy their favorite foods once a while without setting themselves back.

Below are my tips for finding that BALANCE between eating clean and living life to its fullest.

1. Work Hard, Play Hard

Want to keep your metabolism high and bodyfat percentage low? Want to burn calories instead of storing them? Then you need to exercise! The two major components are Resistance Training and Aerobic Exercise/Cardio.  Don’t forget to stretch! Stretching helps maintain flexibility, reduce injury and balance out the more intense exercise.  To get the biggest bang for your buck, focus on HIIT-style workouts (High-Intensity Interval Training).  My boot camp programs are a perfect example of this style of training. If you do it right, you can earn some shapely muscle, what most refer to as toning up, AND get a metabolic boost to burn fat!

2. Never say “I Can’t Eat That”

You can eat anything you want. But you choose to eat the most natural form of your foods and correct portion sizes because you want to feel good on the inside and look great on the outside!

Plan and prep your meals in advance to keep you stocked up with healthy options. Then plan a “treat meal” each week, have that piece of cake you’re craving without guilt!

3. Spice it Up

Change up your exercise regularly to avoid getting stuck in a rut. In my boot camp programs, we know how important it is to mix things up and keep the body guessing for the best results. That’s why we focus on finding a way to really challenge our members and change it up regularly. This could mean using more weight, changing rep schemes, using different formats or even just a simple change in scenery. You should enjoy your exercise time. Find activities that keep you interested.

4. Learn It. Love It. Live It.

Don’t obsess about your fitness program, diet or your body.  Strive for a healthy balance of nutritious, clean eating, regular exercise and even look to embrace any flaws you may have. Learn to love this lifestyle and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be fit, healthy and confident.

As busy women, we could all use a little more balance in our lives. Taking time for you can often create feelings of guilt. This is a common excuse I hear from many women, especially from other moms or caregivers, for not exercising consistently or taking the proper time to plan, shop for healthy foods and prepare nutritious meals for yourself and your family. Taking care of yourself IS important, especially when you have others to care for.  If you’re not feeling energetic and well, how can you possibly help those close to you? Be sure to make exercise and eating healthy a PRIORITY for better balance, more energy and better moods.

In conclusion, know that managing your weight can be just as challenging as losing weight. But, with consistency, creativity and commitment, maintaining a healthy weight and improving your fitness level can be a piece of cake!


Niki Gauthier

Check out all the details on my Nashville area Fitness Boot Camp classes and sign up today!

Join my FREE email list and receive your complete guide to eating clean. sample meal plans and recipes, body sculpting tips and more!

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Emily – Clean Eating plus Exercise Works!!

emily challenge

**Update on Emily!** Read her original story here>
Emily adds Niki G’s Nutrition Plan to her boot camp workouts and loses another 10lbs and more inches and gains a new, healthier way of eating!!

“What can I say…I am blown away! I never thought that when I bought a groupon for Niki G’s last May that I would gain the amazing friends and community and that my body would change in the way that it has. Seriously, I look forward to going to boot camp every morning! I can tell I am so much stronger and I run faster (while running less then I used to each week!).

Then a little over a month ago I went with some friends to the New Years Challenge kick-off to see what this clean eating plan was about. I really didn’t know that I would LOVE the food so much and that my body would be transformed!

I have had very little problems with this 28 day challenge. I cut out ALL diet drinks(my goal was to have less each day), which means I no longer go to Sonic up to two times a day! I drink my gallon of water every day. I normally snack on gummy candies all the time and I haven’t had any of those this month. I loved having a plan each week and knowing what I was going to eat from day to day. The food is simple but so good and I was satisfied with most meals. And if I needed something else then I had a snack to eat! I signed up for the February Bikini Bootcamp as soon as it was available because I want more meal ideas!

What is amazing is that I have lost more weight in one time frame and I didn’t really expect to lose any weight at all! It’s always been incredibly hard for me to lose weight. Each week I was so surprised to see the scale a little lower. I feel incredibly strong and love that I can see my body get even stronger! Someone recently said to me, “…if you lose much more weight – you would disappear!”. It’s fun that other people are noticing as well.

Also, my face is clearing up. I have acne a couple of times a month- didn’t expect that either.

I drink less caffeine. I still have an occasional cup of black coffee but I have gone three days without realizing that I didn’t have any.

NIki – thank you. Thank you for challenging me to try changing just a few more things and helping me realize that those few crutches were actually the things that have been holding me back. I love eating cleaner!”

Become a member of Niki G’s Fitness today!

Nutrition Plan included!
Enroll at

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Food Prep Sunday- The Ultimate Lunch Boxes for Women!

the pac

If you participate in Niki G’s Food Prep Sunday, you know how much work can go into getting all your food ready for the week. But your meal prep can also be a source of  pride  and satisfaction once it’s complete and all your healthy meals are ready for the week! So, the last thing you want to do it tote it around a boring bag, worry about leaks or worry about your food going bad!

Also, many of us are moms too and know the importance of keeping snacks on hand at all times on the go and need a functional bag that can serve many purposes.

Good thing Fitmark Bags makes 3 sizes of meal managements bags to fit your meal management needs. These stylish and lightweight bags are designed for our lifestyle and will help keep your food fresh longer. They all come in pink (a Niki G favorite!) but they also come in black and red. I first started carrying a FitMark bag over a year ago and I am extremely impressed by the quality and how they have  really taken gym bags and “lunchboxes” for fitness girls (and guys) to a whole new level!

Meet The Pac, The Box and the Box LG from Fitmark

The Pac (pictured below) is the smallest of the 3 for those of us that work from home and just need a little something to carry a few snacks or a meal and it sells for $24.99. This one is my youngest daughter’s favorite for school!

Use promo code NikiG for 15% off!

The Fitmark Pac promo code
The Fitmark Pac


If you need more than one meal on the go and want a couple of seal-tight containers that fit neatly inside the bag, The Box is for you. It also comes with two FitMark ice packs and a shaker bottle with a vitamin and protein powder organizer. There is a side pocket and even luggage strap attachment. This is the size that I carry. The Box sells for $59.99

Use promo code NikiG for 15% off!

The Box LG (pictured below) is just like the Box, only a little larger and comes with 4 seal-tight containers rather than 2. The Box LG sells for $79.99

Use promo code NikiG for 15% off!

All bags are easy to keep clean by wiping with a damp cloth as necessary.

The colors, the size, the functionality and the quality all make these bags perfect for busy, healthy women on the go and help keep our lifestyle fun and stylish!

Check out all the Fitmark bags at and save 15% off any bag with promo code NikiG

By Niki Gauthier

An Affiliate of Fitmark Bags


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