Spring Challenge Week Two

Welcome to Week Two of Niki G’s Spring Challenge!If you missed any of week one, don’t let it hold you back! Just pick back up with this week and keep moving forward!

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Below are your daily workouts for the week. They are all a simplified, at-home version of my boot camp workouts we give at Niki G’s Boot Camp! Don’t forget to choose one rest day and follow your Niki G Nutrition Plan for best results!

Week Two, Day One- Full Body

Week Two Day 1

Day Two- Glutes

Week Two Day 2

Day Three- Upper

Week Two Day 3

Day Four- Lower

Week 2 Day 4

Day Five- Upper

Week 2 Day 5

Day Six- Body-weight

Week 2 Day 6

The “Magic” Weight Loss Pill

I’ve got a magic pill for you!  It’ll take care of those extra pounds, tighten up any flab, improve your health, make you look years younger and give you tons of energy!   Sounds great right?  You must be wondering what this new supplement, product or secret is and how you can get some.  Well, the good news is that it’s very easy to get and is actually free!  All it takes is a little planning, time and some direction and you’re all set.lucky2

Here it is… movement!   After almost twenty years in the fitness industry, I can honestly tell you that there is nothing closer to a magic pill than exercise.

No supplement, no product, no “new information” will help you get in shape and stay healthier than simply getting into the habit of exercising regularly.  So, start with the basics, which are good nutrition and consistent exercises! Work up to higher intensity levels and supplement with the right products to support your goals, but don’t rely on them.

Remember, when it comes to exercise something is better than nothing, and you have to start somewhere, so start where you are! To get where you want to go you have to work for it… everyday. You have got to move and you’ve got to find exercises or activities that you’re interested in and maybe even enjoy so you can stick with it!

Regular exercise can help you:

  • Lose excess weight which could be adding stress to your joints and internal organs
  • Decrease your susceptibility to many illnesses and diseases
  • Reduce your blood pressure and lower your cholesterol
  • Reduce stress
  • Regulate your hormones (very important for women over 30!)
  • Maintain bone density

There are   too many benefits to list.

If you don’t use it, you lose it! Keep in mind that as we age, we naturally lose muscle which ultimately slows down our metabolism too.  We can build and maintain muscle though with resistance training.

So, just like brushing your teeth and getting dressed in the morning, daily exercise should become a habit.  Never go two days without exercise to ensure it’s consistent and find a way to mix it up and challenge yourself every workout so you continue to see results and never get bored.


Niki Gauthier

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Workout Wednesday!

WORKOUT WEDNESDAY! This leg workout goes right along with our March Squat Challenge! Use about 12 stairs or 50 meters (about 1/8 of track) between squats!

squat challenge weds

Do at least one round to get in your 100 squats for the day and be sure to post on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter with Hashtag @nikigs100



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The March Challenge is to Complete 100 Squats a day! Mix up your 100 Squats a day with this 10 Ways to Squat workout! Do at least one round to get in your #nikigs100

Boot Campers, don’t miss out on class tomorrow, March 6th when we will be going a version of this workout for Leg Day!!

10 ways to squat

Motivation Monday – March Fitness Challenge

squatsYour March Challenge is to complete 100 SQUATS A DAY until April 1st!

When the weight of the world is on your shoulders… DO SQUATS! Squats will keep your leg looking HOT and feeling STRONG this Spring!!

Take pics and post on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. Hashtag @nikigs100

The best, most original post (think squats in fun places) will receive 1 month FREE boot camp! We’ll also be giving out random prizes so squat away and be sure to post to share with our community and for accountability!

#nikigs100 #nikigspringbreak #nikigsbootcamp #squatchallenge

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Workout Wednesday – Niki G’s HIIT 5k

This month we are challenging our community to get in a 5k a day! Niki G’s Boot Camp members run a mile in class and are fitting in an extra 2.1 as part of the Challenge!

With all the winter weather lately, you might find yourself indoors a little more  on the boring treadmill. But, it doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you use your Niki G HIIT 5k!

Mix up your run with this high intensity interval training 5k which will rev up your metabolism and help you burn fat MORE effectively than just a stead-state run. Plus it can help you improve your speed.

Niki G's High Intensity Interval Training 5k treadmill



After you complete your HIIT 5k, check-in and let us know how your HIIT 5k went for you with hashtag #nikig5kaday on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

You can also follow us at @nikigfitness and @nikigsbootcamp!

Also, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to the right ——->

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Niki G’s February “Love Your Body” Fitness Challenge

Spring is right around the corner and I want you to LOVE your body! There is no better way to do that then to commit to a regular fitness schedule and eat healthy!

This month, I challenge YOU to run or walk a 5k a day! This heart- healthy cardio will help you burn fat and “tone” and sculpt your legs, especially when you combine it with my Boot Camp workouts at Niki G’s Fitness or Online!

Niki G Fitness Boot Camp 5k a day

The time you take to get in your 3.1 miles is “YOU” time! So, get outside or hope on a treadmill, put on your favorite music or just enjoy the peace and quiet. Think about all you’re grateful for, your accomplishments and goals…anything positive. Running and walking is just as great for your body as it for your mind.

If you keep this up for one month, your speed,  endurance and overall fitness will improve! AND, if you eat healthy you’ll notice some improvements  in your body and which will give you much more confidence this spring. Shorts and halter tops anyone? Before your know it, you’ll be on your way to bikini ready body (if you choose!)

Already run a mile in one of my Boot Camp classes? You can include it in your daily mileage. Get to class early and run with your friends, or stay afterwards to get in your miles. Or, split it up. If you you do you boot camp workout in the morning, run in the evening or on your lunch hour or just the opposite.

Don’t worry if you are just starting your fitness journey, just getting back to it or are “not a runner” I hear it ALL the time! You are a runner, you just have to start slow. Even if that means walking. No matter how long it takes you to get in your 3.1, strive for a little progress every week. Record your time each day and be sure to check in with our community by posting to Twitter, Facebook or Instagrm with hashtag #nikig5kaday (if your post are not “public” though, we won’t be able to view it. Consider making a separate fitness account if needed)

You will want to take one “active rest day” each week. So, pick a day for a slower stroll or relaxing hike to rejuvenate yourself for some heart pumping, fat blasting miles the other days of the week.

I can’t wait to hear about your 5k a Day and seeing all your progress! Happy Running!

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And don’t forget to check in and post with hashtag #nikigs5aday

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Niki G’s Basic Cardio Circuit

Perform each exercise for 2 minutes. Rest for 30-60 between every exercise

For weighted exercises, use light weights and hustle!

Perform 3 sets

  • Heismans
  • Squat + Shoulder Press (w/weights)
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Toe-Tap Jumping Jacks
  • Mogul Jumps (side to side jumps w/feet together, arms swinging forward and back every rep)
  • Alternating Side Lunges  + Lateral Raise (w/weights)
  • Step Jumps (jump up onto low step, carefully step off backwards)

quick water break, repeat





Niki G’s Basic Warm-up

Use this workout anytime you can get outside for a warm-up run or do not have access to cardio equipment

2 sets

:60 Pushups (modify on wall or on knees)

:60  High knees

:60 Jogging Butt Kicks

:60 Hesimans

:60 Burpees

:60 Jumping Jacks

Your heart rate should be up and you should feel ready now for some for your HIIT Circuit


Niki Gauthier

Beach Bum Boot Camp: Workouts You can do Anywhere, Anytime in Under 30 Minutes

My husband, two daughters and I just returned from vacation. It was a nice little getaway to Florida to spend some extra time together before they start a new school year. We spent plenty of time being “Beach Bums” but found a way to balance it all out with an intense workout each day! We all enjoyed long bike rides, making sandcastles, boogie boarding or just taking in the view. My husband, Sam, cooked up fresh seafood and we visited a few restaurants.  But, Sam and I also took some time each morning to fit in a workout. I could have taken the week off, after all, “I’m on vacation!” However, I know how much better I feel after a workout. I really wanted to make the most of each day and the days are always better with exercise!

Fitness a lifestyle, it’s my lifestyle, so I brought it with me to the beach! Below are the Beach Workouts we did that you can also use too while traveling or on vacation to feel your best and keep you fit even when you can’t make it to your regular workout.  Each workout required absolutely no equipment at all and only took about 30 minutes, so there are NO excuses for skipping exercise while traveling!


How to use the workouts:

Each workout focuses on a different muscle group, so you could do one workout each day for three days in a row. Depending on how long your trip is, you could then rotate back through them, or mix it up by alternate between going for a run/long walk and the workouts below. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below!

I want you to enjoy your vacation or travel time, but most importantly, enjoy your FIT LIFESTYLE!

I hope these tips and the other tips in this blog will give you more confidence in moving forward towards your fitness goals! If you enjoyed this blog, I would be honored for you to hit one of the share/social media buttons to help inspire other women. Or, better yet, feel free to comment below!


Niki Gauthier

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