Butt, Back and Biceps Boot Camp Workout


Light activity with dynamic stretching (jumping jacks, mini-squats, arm circles etc)


Keep weight in heels to really target your backside!

  1. Right Leg Lunge x20– Elevate back foot on chair or bench or even more emphasis on the glutes
  2. Wide Jump Squats x30– Place feet wider than hip with apart, squat back and jump up.
  3. Left Leg Lunge x20– Elevate Back foot on chair or bench
  4. Speed Skater 60 total Take your right leg far back behind the left and as far left as possible. Get down low like a speedskater. Then rapidly jump and switch the other side bringing your left foot behind the right. Repeat
  5. On leg Reverse Fly x30 Holding two weights, place weight on one leg and lean over while lifting the back leg until you form a straight line almost perpendicular to the floor. Hold weights under chest with elbow slight bent. Balancing on one leg, use your back and shoulders raise your arms about your sides level. Return weights slowly under your chest. Switch legs after 15
  6. Squat/Biceps Curl x20– Holding 2 weights, squat down while curling arms. Lower weights as you return to standing position.
  7. Two hand Bent Row x30 total – Stand in the lunge position holding 2 weights. Bend over until your weights almost touch the floor. Contract through your back muscles and row your arms up next to your side as you return to a standing position. switch legs after 15

Repeat 1-2x’s


20-40 minutes

  1. Run/Fast/Cardio Machine Walk 5 Minutes
  2. 50 In/Out Jump Squats- Feet together, mini squat, jump out to wide feet, jump back in with feet together and quickly jump back out. Keep knees soft!
  3. Run/Fast Walk/Cardio Machine 3 minutes
  4. 50 Jump Switch Lunges- Lunge down, jump up while switching  legs, repeat rapidly. Keep knees soft!

Repeat 2-4x’s


Cool Down

light stretching.



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