Back to School, Get Back in Shape!

back to school fitness tips

back to school fitness tips

It’s back to school time! Whether you have a school-age child or not, I’m sure you can enjoy the sense of routine that this time of year brings upon us. Did you slack off a little this summer but are now ready to get serious about your fitness goals? There is not better time to start or restart than NOW! Like as in TODAY! Below is your  “Back-to-School / Back-in-Shape” Plan to help get you back on track!

First Day of School

Who didn’t enjoy the first day of school?  The fresh start, meeting new friends and starting new activities!  Don’t worry about what you might not have done right yesterday.  Instead, focus on what’s ahead.

Back-to-School ShoppingHere are some items you’ll want to get at the store before you begin.

  • 2-3 reusable water containers for drinking plenty of water throughout the day
  • A small cooler for packing your healthy, energizing food and snacks
  • New shoes for exercise
  • A Planning Calendar

Agenda: Use your planner and get organized:  You can avoid extra calories and poor food choices by menu planning for a full week.  Next, schedule your exercise just like you would an appointment.  Finally, write out a daily “to do” list the night before.  Keep it realistic so you don’t get overwhelmed.  Being organized will increase your productivity.  You’ll get more done each day and won’t feel guilty taking the time to exercise or cook a good meal!

Do Your Homework:  Do you know what’s in the food you eat?  Reading the label is like looking at a price tag before you purchase something to be sure it’s within your budget.  Educate yourself so you can make informed decisions.

Brown Bag ItDon’t get stuck with high-fat, low-fiber, processed foods for lunch!  Make intentional leftovers the night before and bring your lunch with you the next day.  Pack a cooler with plenty of natural, nutritious snacks.  Eating a proper lunch and a healthy snack in between can help avoid the afternoon energy slumps and sugar/carb cravings.

No Skipping Class:  Schedule those classes or fitness appointments with yourself.  Treat them like an important meeting and don’t let anything get in the way.  Instead of punishing yourself for any set-backs, reward yourself with something like a massage for each week of successfully completing all your workouts.

Listen to your Teacher/Coach:  Even the best athletes and artists in the world have a teacher or coach at some point in their career.  If you can’t hire someone one-on-one to coach you through your workouts and how to eat then enroll into an exercise program.  If a professional exercise program is not for you then buddy-up with someone who can hold you accountable for getting in shape!

Autumn is a wonderful time to create new routines and habits that will lead to a healthier happier life!  You can even use the upcoming holidays as a target date for establishing some new habits enabling you to both see and feel results.

Okay students–open those planners to today’s date and START!

By Niki Gauthier

Niki Gauthier is the Founder of Niki G’s Fitness which specializes in Boot Camp programs at its several Nashville area locations  A personal trainer since 1996, Niki spent two years on the Home Shopping Network as a fitness expert and regular guest.  She has successfully lost over 50lbs after the birth of each of her two daughters and loves sharing her experience to motivate other women to change their lives with fitness.  For more tips and information, join Niki’s Newsletter by visiting



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