Avoiding Weights and Low Intensity Workouts can Sabotage Your Efforts to Get Fit

women's weight lifting and HIIT

Part Four of a Five-Part Series on 5 Ways you are Sabotaging Your Efforts to Get Fit

So far I have posted how lack of planning, lack of sleep and a negative mindset can both be a fitness downfall. Next, I want to you to take a look at the type of workout you are investing your time into.

women's weight lifting and HIIT#3  Wrong Kind of Workout

Most ladies I know want to have a sexy, shapely and “toned” body. So you must train like that’s what you want! If you are JUST getting starting on a fitness program, low intensity workouts that get longer in duration (up to about an hour) over time are perfect.  But once you reached a basic level of fitness, it’s time to ramp it up to make the most of your workouts and your time to see the results the fastest. Studies show that you get greater fat loss through high intensity training over low intensity exercise, like long distance running, which your body just adapts to anyway.

If you want to SHAPE your body, typically, circuit training or HIIT (high intensity, interval training) with a good combination of resistance training and cardiovascular exercise will give you the most “bang for your buck.” You should focus on basic bodybuilding (sculpting) exercise that target specific muscles to shape your figure, compound/power exercises for functional fitness and overall strength, plyometrics and other cardio drills . A variety of exercises and variations of those exercises is extremely important in order to keep you challenged and help you avoid hitting a plateau. Plus, it makes your workouts much more fun! This is how I run my women’s fitness boot camp program and the results and enthusiasm for the program speak for themselves.

So invest your time wisely and invest into a program that helps you work smarter AND harder for the better, faster results.

Look for the final and most important part in this series tomorrow! Until then, I hope these tips and the other tips in this series will give you more confidence in moving forward towards your fitness goals! If you enjoyed this blog, I would be honored for you to hit one of the share/social media buttons to help inspire other women. Or, better yet, feel free to comment below!


Niki Gauthier

 Niki Gauthier is the Founder and Creator of Niki G’s Boot Camp, THE Complete Personal Training Program for women. She is the mother of 2 girls born in 2001 and 2007 and has successfully lost over 50lbs… two times! A personal trainer since 1996, Niki uses her experience as a former bodybuilder, model, and mother to design her boot camp  workouts, show her clients how strong they are and continue to motivate others to change their bodies with fitness and real solutions!

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