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Niki Gauthier

  • Personal Trainer, Boot Camp Instructor
  • Fitness Professional since 1996
  • Former Bodybuilder and Swimsuit Model
  • Mother of Two with personal weight loss of over 50lbs… two times!
  • Fitness Expert on HSN (The Home Shopping Network)
  • Published fitness writer



2001                                      2002

Been There, Done That!

I am a mother of 2 girls born in 2001 and 2007 and have successfully lost over 50lbs… two times! I use my experience as a bodybuilder, model, and mother to design my workouts, encourage my clients and continue to motivate others to change their bodies with fitness and real solutions! But, how did I get here? Read on below…. 


   Niki Gauthier Fitness Bodybuilding            

       Bodybuilding at age 18 in          1996 Swimsuit Pageant 2000

Born to Train

I have been involved in fitness my entire life. As a preschooler I remember watching my mother work out at home. In gradeschool I enjoyed trips to the gym, even if it was only to the childcare area, and always looked forward to the day I was old enough to join in on the action. In middle school, I loved exercising to workout videos and walking outside. In highschool, I finally got a job at the local gym in Brentwood and began bodybuilding.

Start of a Career

As a senior in highschool I became a personal trainer at that gym and showed members how to use the equipment. The summer after highschool graduation, in 1996, I earned my personal training certification and began training clients in their homes in Brentwood almost immediately.

Live On-air on HSN and America’s Store for Proform Fitness 2005

Excelling at a Passion

Swimsuit pageants led to an additional career of promotional modeling for companies like Stacker 2, and while living in Tampa Bay, FL I became a regular guest and Fitness Expert on HSN (The Home Shopping Network). During this time, I owned and operated a fitness studio in FL. It was there that I began developing my Weight Loss Boot Camp.

Niki G 2010

Whether it’s one-on-one, in small groups or live on TV in front of thousands of people, sharing my love of fitness is my passion. By sharing with you my experience, knowledge, and concern for your health, I am living my dream.

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