A NEGATIVE ATTITUDE Will Sabotage Your Efforts to Get Fit

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Part Three of a Five-Part Series on 5 Ways you are Sabotaging Your Efforts to Get Fit


So far I have posted how lack of planning and lack of sleep can both be a fitness downfall. Next, I want to encourage you to approach your workouts, healthy meals and your fitness lifestyle with a more positive attitude.

#3 Negative Attitude

You will hear positive and negative messages all day long both internally and extremely. The question is, which ones are you going to listen to? If you are going to succeed in fitness, you are going to have to filter out the negative messages that we either tell ourselves (that’s too hard, I can’t do this, I will always be overweight) and also the ones from others (why are you doing THAT!?!  Come on, one bite won’t hurt. This magazine model is what you should look like.) Then, adopt a mental attitude of I CAN, so just watch me!

Next, stop comparing yourself to others!!! This might sound hypocritical coming from a fitness competitor, but remember that when I step on stage, I have already considered that I have “won.” After having two babies, being in my 30’s, and enduring a very busy schedule of work, family and life in general,  I feel that have already won against what I would look and feel like if I didn’t workout. The  “competition” or show only gives me that extra motivation and target to be my best.

There is nothing wrong with being inspired by others to do more and take your fitness to next level, but it becomes a problem when you compare yourself to them and begin to feel inadequate, unmotivated and finally give up. A little friendly competition is great, but it shouldn’t be the base of your fitness program. You  lose focus on what’s important if you are just trying to outdo someone else or “make them jealous.” This is not an effective strategy for lifelong fitness and a very negative mentally. The ONLY person you should compete against is YOU, the old you. Work a little bit more each week, each month, and year and progress from where you were. Get your inspiration from positive people who are where you would like to be.

To have the right mindset towards fitness and your goals, focus on the positive about yourself! Take good care of your body and don’t workout because you hate your body, do it because you LOVE IT!

Look for Part Four of Five tomorrow. Until then, I hope these tips and the other tips in this series will give you more confidence in moving forward towards your fitness goals! If you enjoyed this blog, I would be honored for you to hit one of the share/social media buttons to help inspire other women. Or, better yet, feel free to comment below!


Niki Gauthier

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