A BAD DIET Will Sabotage Your Efforts to Get Fit

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Final part of my Five-Part Series on 5 Ways you are Sabotaging Your Efforts to Get Fit

So far I have posted how lack of planning, lack of sleep , negative mindset and the wrong form of exercise can all be a fitness downfall. Today, I want to encourage you take and honest look at the food you are eating and recognize if it’s helping you work towards your goals, or against them.

clean eating out exercise a bad diet#5 Bad Nutrition

Today I am blogging from the Master’s Nationals Championships in Pittsburg, PA. The men and women competing today in the Master’s Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure and Bikini Division are all over the age of 35 and can put most twenty-something years olds to shame with their fitness level and physique. While at an extreme level, these athletes have created their physiques with the perfect combination of exercise AND DIET. Like most people, if they didn’t eat clean (real, not processed) foods, tighten up their caloric intake, focus on the correct balance of nutrients for themselves (carbs, fats and protein) they wouldn’t look anywhere near where they do.

As a trainer, it is very frustrating to watch your clients give it all they have at their workout and then have them make bad food choices. I know that if they would use the same energy and attitude they have towards their workouts as they do towards their food, they would see better results, feel better and even uncover all that shapely muscle they have been working on! That is why I created my Bikini Boot Camp program which gives our members at Niki G’s healthy guidelines and sample meals and meal plans. It also teachings that splurges and treats are okay in moderation. However, most find that once they start eating better, they crave the junk less and even make better choices for their treats. The members who succeed put away excuses of why they can’t eat healthier and put in the work that’s required to make the changes. You can’t out exercise a bad diet. So, with the exception of a few treats a week, no amount of working out is going to make up for sugary drinks, high calorie snack foods and restaurant size meals. And even if it did, you would feel awful most of the time.

If you want to see changes in YOUR physique, you are going to have to change your diet. But, don’t go ON a diet, make it a lifestyle. Avoid fad diets, quick “fixes” and programs that revolve around a single supplement or shake. They do nothing to teach you about healthy eating. Base your meals on a healthy balance lean protein, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. You may find it easier to make these lifestyle changes gradually like cutting back on certain foods and then increasing fresh fruits and vegetables. Or maybe you need to go “all out” by choosing a program to follow strictly until you feel more comfortable making your own choices day to day and meal to meal. Both strategies will work, as long as you are learning in the process and then applying what you have learned.

Pay attention to the food you are eating and plan ahead. It may be a lot of work in the beginning, but it does get easier and it is so worth it!

I hope these tips and the other tips in this series will give you more confidence in moving forward towards your fitness goals! If you enjoyed this blog, I would be honored for you to hit one of the share/social media buttons to help inspire other women. Or, better yet, feel free to comment below!


Niki Gauthier

 Niki Gauthier is the Founder and Creator of Niki G’s Boot Camp, THE Complete Personal Training Program for women. She is the mother of 2 girls born in 2001 and 2007 and has successfully lost over 50lbs… two times! A personal trainer since 1996, Niki uses her experience as a former bodybuilder, model, and mother to design her boot camp  workouts, show her clients how strong they are and continue to motivate others to change their bodies with fitness and real solutions!

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