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Emily adds Niki G’s Nutrition Plan to her boot camp workouts and loses another 10lbs and more inches and gains a new, healthier way of eating!!

“What can I say…I am blown away! I never thought that when I bought a groupon for Niki G’s last May that I would gain the amazing friends and community and that my body would change in the way that it has. Seriously, I look forward to going to boot camp every morning! I can tell I am so much stronger and I run faster (while running less then I used to each week!).

Then a little over a month ago I went with some friends to the New Years Challenge kick-off to see what this clean eating plan was about. I really didn’t know that I would LOVE the food so much and that my body would be transformed!

I have had very little problems with this 28 day challenge. I cut out ALL diet drinks(my goal was to have less each day), which means I no longer go to Sonic up to two times a day! I drink my gallon of water every day. I normally snack on gummy candies all the time and I haven’t had any of those this month. I loved having a plan each week and knowing what I was going to eat from day to day. The food is simple but so good and I was satisfied with most meals. And if I needed something else then I had a snack to eat! I signed up for the February Bikini Bootcamp as soon as it was available because I want more meal ideas!

What is amazing is that I have lost more weight in one time frame and I didn’t really expect to lose any weight at all! It’s always been incredibly hard for me to lose weight. Each week I was so surprised to see the scale a little lower. I feel incredibly strong and love that I can see my body get even stronger! Someone recently said to me, “…if you lose much more weight – you would disappear!”. It’s fun that other people are noticing as well.

Also, my face is clearing up. I have acne a couple of times a month- didn’t expect that either.

I drink less caffeine. I still have an occasional cup of black coffee but I have gone three days without realizing that I didn’t have any.

NIki – thank you. Thank you for challenging me to try changing just a few more things and helping me realize that those few crutches were actually the things that have been holding me back. I love eating cleaner!”

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